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PHOTOS: Black Santa Visits Northwest African American Museum

The Skanner's Seattle photographer Susan Fried was on hand to snap some photos

English Language Learners' Success Translates Into a $25,000 Milken Educator Award for Teacher Julie Rowell

Oregon educator boosts student achievement and future prospects at Gresham High School

Portland Resident Hoping to Donate Kidney to Black Recipient

Fewer Black patients receive live kidney donations

Puget Soundkeeper and Waste Action Project Send Notice of Intent to Sue to Ardagh Glass

Violations listed include illegal discharges into the Duwamish River, failure to collect stormwater samples and failure to install required treatment systems


Friends of the Children Chapter Coming to Tacoma, Executive Director Announced

Organization empowers youth facing the greatest obstacles through the long-term support of professional mentors ...

Oregon Humane Society Celebrates the Adoption of the 11,000th Pet of 2019

Max, a two-year-old Labrador/Weimaraner mix, is going to a new home with the Dunlap family of Damascus ...

EPA Approves Funding for Oregon and Washington to Improve Drinking Water, Wastewater Infrastructure

States estimate $190 million for wastewater, $35 million for drinking water projects in Oregon, and $120 million for...

Conservation Breakthrough for Endangered Butterfly

The Oregon Zoo's breeding success provides new hope in an effort to save Oregon silverspots ...

Meet 80 Local Authors at OHS 52nd Holiday Cheer Book Sale and Signing

This free Oregon Historical Society event will be held this Sunday, December 8 from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. ...

'Shop early': US Christmas trees supplies tight, prices up

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Customers searching for the perfect Christmas tree typically glance at Sandy Parsons’ limited offerings, then keep walking.Parsons never got her order for 350 trees from a North Carolina farm. Supplies were short, she was told. Instead, she was shipped some...

Dozens out sick at Vancouver schools, Seattle school closed

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Dozens of students are out sick at several Vancouver Public Schools elementary schools, prompting cleaning, disinfecting and a letter to parents warning them of the symptoms of the stomach flu.The Columbian reports at Harry S. Truman Elementary School, 72 of the...

New Missouri coach Eli Drinkwitz predicts success

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Eli Drinkwitz was saying all the right things after being introduced as the new football coach at Missouri, laying out his vision for the once-proud program with unwavering confidence and bold proclamations.Then the former Appalachian State coach made a minor...

LSU's Burrow, Auburn's Brown named AP SEC players of year

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is a unanimous selection as the offensive player of the year on The Associated Press All-Southeastern Conference football team.The top-ranked Tigers also have the SEC’s coach of the year in Ed Orgeron and the newcomer of the year in freshman cornerback Derek...


Will You Answer the Call for Moral Revival?

In embracing and expanding the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Revs. Barber and Theoharis have asked Presidential candidates to consider a debate that focuses exclusively on poverty ...

What I’m Thankful For This Season

Ray Curry gives thanks for a human right that shaped our country throughout the 20th century and that made Thanksgiving possible for so many Americans who, like him, didn’t get here by way of the Mayflower ...

Congressional Black Caucus Members Visit U.S.-Mexico Border: “Mistreatment of Black Immigrants is Another ‘Stain on America’”

Members said they witnessed first-hand the deplorable treatment and plight of Black immigrants ...

Portland, I'm Ready

Last month I had the privilege to stand with hundreds of supporters and announce my intention to run for re-election ...


Anti-Semitism order raises tough issue of defining prejudice

NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump’s order to expand the scope of potential anti-Semitism complaints on college campuses is raising the stakes of an already tense battle over how to define discrimination against Jews.The executive order Trump signed on Wednesday tells the...

New Jersey attackers linked to anti-Semitic fringe movement

The deadly shooting rampage at a New Jersey kosher market has cast a spotlight on a fringe movement known for its anti-Semitic strain of street preaching and its role in a viral-video confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial this year.Investigators believe that the man and woman who killed three...

Man convicted in 2017 Charlottesville car attack to appeal

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — An Ohio man plans to appeal his convictions for driving his car into a crowd of counterprotestors during a 2017 white nationalist rally in Virginia.The Daily Progress, citing online court records, reports that a lawyer for James Alex Fields Jr. filed a notice of...


Weinstein lawyer says 98% of creditors agreeing to settle

NEW YORK (AP) — Ninety-eight percent of The Weinstein Co.'s creditors are joining a tentative settlement that plaintiffs say includes million for over two dozen actresses and former employees who claim Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed them, a lawyer said Thursday.The attorney, Karen...

Review: In Malick's 'A Hidden Life,' a hymn of defiance

Terrence Malick’s “A Hidden Life” resides above the clouds in a small Alpine hamlet.Franz Jägerstätter lives there, in Austria, with his wife, Franziska, and their young daughters. They spend their days working and playing in the hillside fields, enraptured by their...

Wilde defends 'Jewell' reporter over sex-for-tips claims

NEW YORK (AP) — Olivia Wilde said Thursday she does not believe the real-life journalist she plays in the new film “Richard Jewel” “traded sex for tips" despite that insinuation in the movie. In a series of tweets, Wilde called late Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter...


'Shop early': US Christmas trees supplies tight, prices up

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Customers searching for the perfect Christmas tree typically glance at Sandy...

Tokyo being billed as 'Recovery Olympics' -- but not for all

FUTABA, Japan (AP) — The torch relay for the Tokyo Olympics will kick off in Fukushima, the northern...

"Nuts!" US troops thwarted Hitler's last gamble 75 years ago

BASTOGNE, Belgium (AP) — Pvt. Arthur Jacobson was seeking cover in the snow behind a tank moving slowly...

Myanmar's Suu Kyi's defense of army puzzles former admirers

BANGKOK (AP) — What drives Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of Myanmar who this week defended her country at...

EU leaders break stalemate over climate target, claim deal

BRUSSELS (AP) — EU leaders broke a deadlock early Friday and claimed a deal over a key climate target by...

"Nuts!" US troops thwarted Hitler's last gamble 75 years ago

BASTOGNE, Belgium (AP) — Pvt. Arthur Jacobson was seeking cover in the snow behind a tank moving slowly...


He's gone. So, now what?

How do those who clogged the streets of Egypt on Wednesday wanting so desperately to oust Mohamed Morsy, the now-deposed president of Egypt, feel about the future now it appears to be wide open?
Violence erupts in Egypt
Earlier this week, CNN spoke to four protesters about their hopes, demands and expectations, from a veteran demonstrator in Cairo who has marched in crowds since the beginning of Egypt's revolution in 2011 to a first-time protester in the port city of Alexandria.

We spoke to them again Friday about how they felt when Morsy was toppled, their thoughts on what should happen next and their concerns for the future of a country they are fighting so hard to change. This is what they had to say:

Ahmed Raafat

I was at Tahrir Square during the announcement of the army's statement. [The] square exploded with joy once protesters knew that Morsy was no longer the president. People were singing, chanting, singing and waving Egyptian flags. Fireworks were all over the square. Military helicopters flew over the square for hours.

I was happy that Morsy was toppled, but I was concerned, too. The fact that the army is back on the political scene makes me worry. The road map is what we have been calling for since [former Egyptian president] Mubarak's ousting. I wish Morsy had called for early presidential elections and saved the whole situation.

The situation is very complicated and, to be honest, I'm not sure if the army's intervention was the right thing to do. I would personally prefer that we achieve our goals and demands without any interference from the military.

There's a strong debate on whether what happened was a coup or a revolution. I think the military sided with the people after [they] took to the streets. Egyptians prefer to call it a revolution.

Those in power [now] should stick to the demands of the people. They should return Egypt to civilian rule as soon as possible. They should respect human rights and apply the law fairly without any extraordinary measures. They should keep the transitional period as short as possible.

[The] people must keep a close watch on those in power and take action if there's any deviation from their demands and goals.

Mohamed Boraie

It was such an interesting day. I went to [Tahrir] Square around 4 p.m., as I wanted to see how people would react to the speech. People started shaking hands and celebrating after hearing [the] news [of] Morsy's ousting. I sat down in a corner of the square and observed people celebrating and tried to capture it on camera.

The army acted very quickly to meet the increasing demands of the protesters to protect the country from slipping into violence and civil war between pro- and anti-Morsy protesters.

The army ... is very keen to make sure that their interests are protected before the country becomes uncontrollable. This army made it clear, by choosing a civilian to lead the interim process ... that the masses of people would not revolt back at the army as before.

It is sad to see Morsy destroy the political future of the Muslim Brotherhood [Islamist movement backing Morsy that rose to power after the fall of Mubarak] by sticking to power and not allowing a smooth transition. The Brotherhood has a great grassroots structure that should be utilized to build Egypt.

Those in power now should focus on economic reform to reach the demands of the lower income brackets. Also, education and gender equality should be a priority to empower youth and women -- two factors any economy depends on to progress.

Maged Eskander

We have finally relaxed now this bad group [of rulers] has finally ended [their time in power] -- my wife told me it's the same feeling you have after cleaning your house.

All the army's [actions] until now are great, [they've not made] a single mistake. They learned a big lesson from January 25, 2011, [when the Egyptian revolution began]. They just protected the people's demands and put the country on the right track.

Morsy should step back, and face legal matters if there any [and] we [will] steadily build our country. We should write a good constitution that fulfills all Egyptians, [have] elections and select a capable government.

The people can do a lot to support their leaders -- they just need a guide, and the people will do miracles.

Marwan Osman

I was following the news from home in front of the television and on my laptop on social networks, along with my family. When the news was announced -- it was like Egypt had just won the World Cup in soccer. Everyone was happy and my parents cried from joy. [People in] cars in the street began cheering for the news.

I'm one of the people who does not want the army to rule the country, so the interim president is the most suitable solution to avoid having the army ruling.

Nothing should happen to Morsy. He should be free to live wherever he wants and however he wants. Whoever is in power now should prepare fast for presidential elections and complete the transitional period as early as possible.

The people should observe the progress done [so far] -- and protest again if something goes wrong against their will.


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