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Ziggy Marley (Photo: NNPA)
Stacy M. Brown NNPA Newswire Senior National Correspondent
Published: 27 February 2024

In an exclusive interview with the Black Press of America’s Let It Be Known morning show, Ziggy Marley, the son of reggae legend Bob Marley, opened up about the profound impact of the hit new movie “Bob Marley, One Love.” Beyond its role as a cinematic journey into the iconic musician’s life, the film has emerged as a catalyst for transformative change, touching the lives of individuals and communities in Jamaica and extending its positive influence beyond geographical boundaries.

The 30-minute discussion delved into the meticulous process of selecting collaborators for the movie, with Ziggy Marley emphasizing the importance of humility and a community-focused approach. The quest for authenticity in portraying Bob Marley’s life meant assembling a team that “respected the culture, ensuring a collective effort devoid of individual egos,” Marley asserted.

“We were looking for people not run by ego, we were looking for humble people, really humble people who can work in a community with a community effort,” Marley explained. “That was a key, I think, because it needed to be something that we have a voice in and that nobody could say, ‘you know, it’s my thing or it’s hers.’ So, yeah, the humbleness and the idea of a community working together, those were the traits that was very important for this project.”

The oldest son of the reggae legend provided a thoughtful reflection on the emotional and psychological impact of the threats and challenges his father faced. He highlighted the challenge of balancing honesty and entertainment in depicting the life of a cultural icon, shedding light on the reflective character portrayed in the film.

“Something that we tried to explore and that even while working on this film, it made me think about it, was what was the tool that this took on [Bob Marley] emotionally or psychologically? I don’t think he’s not the type of man to really show you, you know, like all of us, we put on a tough exterior,” Marley remarked. “All the while we’re really having some serious emotional things happening on the inside. And as a human being, we know that somebody is trying to kill you, you’re going to exile, you’re diagnosed with cancer.

“These things are not something that can easily be brushed off for anybody, anybody, no matter who you are. These are things that make you think about life, make you think about mortality. And so, we feel like he went through all that internally. And in his own quiet space, you know, where he had to reflect on his inner self. And so, yeah, I mean, yeah, the outside stuff is what you can put up with, but the inside stuff is, you know, it’s very rare that we can have a look at that or think about that.”

Marley also discussed the movie’s impact on Jamaica, including its commercial success, job opportunities, and charitable contributions to the communities where it was filmed. He shared insights into the timing and inspiration for the film, underscoring the spiritual lineage of Bob Marley’s music and its relevance in promoting unity and love in today’s world.

The timing of the film’s release became a focal point of discussion, with Marley highlighting that it wasn’t a premeditated decision but a response to the present moment. Despite difficulties like strikes that caused delays, Marley emphasized the family’s trust in the universe’s timing as they explored the idea of making a movie about Bob Marley.

“I know it was the right time. No, not because of anything that I thought about years ago, but because I’m living in the present and I realized it’s the right time,” Marley said. “It wasn’t planned like this. So, it’s not like we foresaw this happening at this time. I like to put it this way, the spirit moved me to try to explore the idea of making a film about my father and the family agreed with us and so we started to explore that and then everything fell into place the right way. When the universe speaks, we just listen and be happy with what the universe has given us.”

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