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Will HUD Secretary Ben Carson Enforce the Fair Housing Act?

Julianne Malveaux questions HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s ability to enforce the Fair Housing Act ...

Waiting While Black in Philadelphia Can Get You Arrested

Reggie Shuford on the daily indignities African-Americans face in Philadelphia and around the country ...

Black People Must Vote or Reap the Consequences

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Derrick Johnson, NAACP President and CEO, explains organization's opposition to Trump's nomination of Thomas Farr ...



By The Skanner News

Activists with the group SHARE plan to agitate for better funding of shelter services tonight by bringing the issues to their elected officials – personally.
"Having been ignored, this leaves us with no other choice but to close down our shelters due to lack of transportation and sleep outside of the Mayor's (tonight) and the City Council members' houses," the group said in a statement this afternoon.
SHARE alleges that their "green sheet" request for additional operating expenses, filed last year at city hall, "mysteriously disappeared in the Mayor's office and never made it in front of the City Council to be voted upon!"
The group seeks $50,000 in additional city funding to pay for bus tickets for homeless individuals traveling through the city seeking shelter.
"Our shelters cost less than 3 dollars a night compared to the City "sweeps" shelter which costs over 21 dollars a night," the group's statement said.
The Pacific Northwest's first cold front of the season is expected to roll in tonight in Seattle, bringing rain and snow showers to high elevations.

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