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Oldest Black Church in Oregon Will Tear Down, Rebuild To Better Serve Community

As physical attendance dwindles, First African Methodist Episcopal Zion is joining the growing trend of churches that are re-imagining how best to use their facilities.

Cities Crack Down on Homeless Encampments. Advocates Say That’s Not the Answer

Homeless people and their advocates say encampment sweeps are cruel and costly, and there aren't enough shelter beds or treatment for everyone. But government officials say it's unacceptable to let encampments fester and people need to accept offers of shelter or treatment, if they have a severe mental illness or addiction.

Schools in Portland, Oregon, Reach Tentative Deal With Teachers Union After Nearly Month-Long Strike

The agreement must still be voted on by teachers who have been on the picket line since Nov. 1 over issues of pay, class sizes and planning time. It must also be approved by the school board.

Voter-Approved Oregon Gun Control Law Violates the State Constitution, Judge Rules

The law is one of the toughest in the nation. It requires people to undergo a criminal background check and complete a gun safety training course in order to obtain a permit to buy a firearm. It also bans high-capacity magazines.


Talk A Mile Event Connects Young Black Leaders with Portland Police Bureau Trainees

Talk A Mile operates on the idea that conversation bridges gaps and builds empathy, which can promote understanding between Black...

Turkey Rules the Table. But an AP-NORC Poll Finds Disagreement Over Other Thanksgiving Classics

Thanksgiving may be a time for Americans to come together, but opinion is divided over what's on the crowded dinner table. We mostly...

Veteran Journalist and Emmy Award-Winning Producer to Lead Award-Winning Digital Magazine Focused on Racial Inequality

Jamil Smith will drive The Emancipator’s editorial vision and serve as a key partner to Payne in growing the rising media...

Regional Arts & Culture Council and Port of Portland Announce Selection of PDX Phase 1 Terminal Redevelopment Artists

Sanford Biggers and Yoonhee Choi’s projects will be on display with the opening of the new terminal in May 2024 ...

Portland Theatres Unite in ‘Go See A Play’ Revival Campaign

The effort aims to invigorate the city's performing arts scene. ...

Shooting at home in Washington state kills 5 including the suspected shooter, authorities say

ORCHARDS, Wash. (AP) — Five people were killed in a shooting at a Washington state home and the deceased included the suspected shooter, authorities said. Officers found the bodies inside a home in Orchards, Washington, following a call around 1 p.m. Sunday, the Clark County...

Idaho baby found dead by police one day after Amber Alert, police say father is in custody

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho baby was found dead by police on Saturday, one day after an Amber Alert was issued for him, authorities said. The baby's father was taken into custody on an arrest warrant issued in connection with the death of his wife. Police found the body of...

Big Ten power Ohio State plays rising SEC team Missouri in 88th Cotton Bowl

Ohio State (11-1, Big Ten) vs. Missouri (10-2, SEC), Dec. 29, 8 p.m. ET (ESPN) LOCATION: Arlington, Texas. TOP PLAYERS Ohio State: WR Marvin Harrison, 1,211 yards receiving, 15 touchdowns, 18.1 yards per catch. Missouri: QB Brady Cook, 3,189...

Cotton Bowl pits SEC's Missouri against Big Ten power Ohio State in teams' 1st meeting since 1998

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Missouri is headed to its first New Year's Six bowl game in the 10 seasons since the four-team playoff began and will play No. 7 Ohio State, which has never missed one. They meet in the Cotton Bowl on Dec. 29. The ninth-ranked Tigers (10-2, SEC) have 10 wins...


Why Are Bullies So Mean? A Youth Psychology Expert Explains What’s Behind Their Harmful Behavior

Bullied children and teens are at risk for anxiety, depression, dropping out of school, peer rejection, social isolation and self-harm. ...

Federal Agencies Issue $23 Million Fine Against TransUnion and Subsidiary

FTC and CFPB say actions harmed renters and violated fair credit laws ...

First One to Commit to Nonviolence Wins

Every time gains towards nonviolence looked promising, someone from the most aggrieved and trauma-warped groups made sure to be spoilers by committing some atrocity and resetting the hate and violence. ...


What is patently obvious to all Americans right now is the adolescent dysfunction of Congress. ...


Former big leaguer Billy Bean has leukemia, and MLB is honoring him with a charity auction

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Former big league outfielder Billy Bean, Major League Baseball's senior vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion, has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. MLB launched its winter meetings charity auction, which benefits Stand Up To Cancer, on...

Plan to add teaching of Holocaust, genocide to science education draws questions from Maine teachers

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Teachers and science advocates are voicing skepticism about a Maine proposal to update standards to incorporate teaching about genocide, eugenics and the Holocaust into middle school science education. They argue that teachers need more training before introducing such...

The next Republican debate is in Alabama, the state that gave the GOP a road map to Donald Trump

ATLANTA (AP) — Republican presidential candidates will debate Wednesday within walking distance of where George Wallace staged his “stand in the schoolhouse door” to oppose the enrollment of Black students at the University of Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement. The state...


Book Review: Lauren Grodstein’s masterpiece of historical fiction set in Warsaw Ghetto during WWII

The Oneg Shabbat archive was a secret project of Jewish prisoners in the Warsaw Ghetto to record their histories as they awaited deportation to Nazi death camps during World War II. Lauren Grodstein has used this historical fact as the basis for her mesmerizing new novel, “We Must Not Think of...

Book Review: ‘Eyeliner' examines the staple makeup product's revolutionary role in global society

Zahra Hankir opens “Eyeliner: A Cultural History” by marveling over her mother’s elegant beauty process as she delicately sweeps black kohl on her waterline, dreaming of displaying that same confidence one day. For Hankir, eyeliner is more than just a cosmetic product. It...

Eddie Izzard returns to New York for a version of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' with just one actor onstage

NEW YORK (AP) — Eddie Izzard is returning to a New York stage this winter for an ambitious version of “Hamlet.” It's ambitious because the actor-comedian will be the only one on stage. Izzard will play all the William Shakespeare parts in a one-person staging adapted by Izzard's...


The next Republican debate is in Alabama, the state that gave the GOP a road map to Donald Trump

ATLANTA (AP) — Republican presidential candidates will debate Wednesday within walking distance of where George...

At UN climate talks, fossil fuel interests have hundreds of employees on hand

At least 1,300 employees of organizations representing fossil fuel interests registered to attend this year's...

US is running out of money for Ukraine and that could hinder fight against Russia, White House warns

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration on Monday sent Congress an urgent warning about the need to approve...

Ukrainian diplomats negotiate both climate change and Russia's war on their nation at COP28 in Dubai

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — While Ukrainian diplomats take part in negotiations at the United Nations...

The death toll from a mining tragedy in South Africa rises to 13 after a worker dies at a hospital

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — The death toll from a mining tragedy last week in South Africa that involved an elevator has...

Guinea-Bissau’s president issues a decree dissolving the opposition-controlled parliament

BISSAU, Guinea-Bissau (AP) — Guinea-Bissau President Umaro Sissoco Embalo issued a decree Monday dissolving the...

Sam Meyer CNN

(CNN) -- Jesse Friedman and Laura Hadden are cooking their way around the world.

The Brooklyn couple has set out on a multi-year project to throw a dinner party featuring the cuisine of each of the 193 United Nations member countries - in alphabetical order, no less. They document the experience, complete with pictures and recipes, on their blog, United Noshes.

Thus far, they've cooked 36 meals - starting with Afghanistan and ending with China.

For each dinner, Friedman and Hadden research the country a week or two in advance to figure out what the most representative dishes might be.

"Ideally, I talk to someone who knows about the food," Friedman says. They look for authentic recipes that might be served at a wedding or other big gathering. And when a country has many regional cuisines, like China, they try to at least hit the high points of each region.

A recent dinner honoring China featured everything from Shanghainese soup dumplings to crispy roast Peking duck to Cantonese sea cucumber stuffed with pork and shrimp.

Their location in New York City makes tracking down obscure ingredients a little easier, but on the occasions that they take their dinner parties on the road, some things aren't as easy to find.

"There is no yak butter in Tacoma," Friedman says. For the Bhutan dinner there, they used a mix of blue cheese and cream cheese as a substitute.

Hadden and Friedman say they're glad they're doing the project alphabetically, as that tends to shake up and randomize the kind of food they'll be cooking: Belize's cuisine is different than Belgium's, and they welcome the variety.

Since undertaking the project almost a year ago, their pantry has grown quite a bit. When they complete a letter of the alphabet, they write "The Noshies," doling out such awards as "most fun to cook," "best music," "best cuisine" and "most exotic purchase."

Colombia is next, and they say they look forward to making to the national dish of bandeja paisa, a rustic platter of meats, rice and beans. For Cuba, they're planning a pig roast in New Jersey.

They're saving the United States for the grand finale sometime in 2017, and hope to have a gala potluck with food from each of the fifty states.

Every dinner ends with a brief appeal for donations from their guests to benefit the UN's World Food Program. The donations are matched by Google, Friedman's employer, and so far the WFP has received more than $6,000 as a result of their efforts.

"The World Food Program creates a sense of purpose for this. We're enjoying this food from all around the world, and we're taking a lot," says Friedman. "[Donating to the WFP] turns it from a feeling of excess privilege into really doing some good, especially when we're eating food from places where there may not be an abundance of food."

The average $20 donation from a guest, after matching, will provide 160 meals to people in disadvantaged countries.