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Published: 03 May 2006

The following candidates have been endorsed by the Pacific Northwest Minority Publishers, consisting of the Asian Reporter, El Hispanic News and The Skanner.


Democrat — Ted    Kulongoski

Over the last four years, Ted Kulongoski has faced an array of challenges as governor and not backed down on any of them. He has promoted creative solutions to difficult problems such as finding money for school funding in the face of declining state revenues. Moreover, in his easy-going manner, he has proved himself as a friend to all of Oregon's ethnic and social communities.

Republican — Kevin Mannix

Kevin Mannix, the GOP's 2002 nominee is back again with a platform of reforming government, encouraging business development and cutting red tape. He promises to work for cutting the " death tax" and decreasing the tax rate for low-income taxpayers. Mannix respects the voters' wishes and promises to see that Measures 7 and 37 for property rights are enforced.

Representatives in Congress

1st District — David Wu

With four terms in Congress, David Wu has fought to improve the nation's school system, encourage business investment, increase high tech research and preserve Social Security in its present form. He has been a consistent leader in protecting our natural environment.

3rd District — Earl Blumenauer

In his five terms in Congress, Earl Blumenauer has stood out for his work at both the local and international levels. He founded the Livable Communities Task Force and serves on the House International Relations Committee. In March, he introduced a bill to redeploy American troops from Iraq.

4th District — Peter A. DeFazio

As a 10-term representative, Peter DeFazio has displayed a keen interest in providing affordable health care and prescription drugs for all Americans. On the international scene, he has demanded state-of-the-art equipment for our troops and a definite plan to bring them home soon. He has funded more than 141 scholarships with Congressional pay raises that he did not accept.

5th District — Darlene Hooley

With five terms in Congress, Darlene Hooley supports tax relief for small businesses and family farms as well as tax credits for creating new jobs. As a former high school teacher she recognizes the importance of education and is fighting for funding of the No Child Left Behind program. She has proposed funding to train new police cadets and furnish the equipment they need to respond to terrorist attacks.

State of Oregon

Superintendent of Public Instruction — Susan Castillo

In her first term as Oregon's most visible educator, Susan Castillo has worked to improve Oregon's educational system. She has designed a pilot project to help get parents more involved in their children's education.

House of Representatives, District 44 — Mark Kirchmeier

Mark Kirchmeier's experience working as former Rep. Gary Hansen's assistant, advocacy for stable school funding and access to health care for the uninsured makes him the candidate to support. He knows the issues in his district and is an independent thinker whose creative approach is needed in the Legislature. We like his philosophy of reaching out across the aisle to find common ground.

Multnomah County and Portland Metro Area

Multnomah County Chair — Diane Linn

In her four years as chair of the County Board of Commissioners, Diane Linn did yeoman's work in holding the county together and managing to balance the budget each year. Moreover, she has been an outspoken fighter to achieve equal rights for all people regardless of ethnic or social profiles.

Multnomah County Commissioner District No. 2 — Lew Frederick

Although Lew Frederick has been active in civic affairs for three decades, this is his first venture into running for public office. His priorities lie with education, the environment, health care and emergency preparedness. He advocates local solutions, noting that federal help is not on the way — meaning we have to clean up our own backyard.

Multnomah County Sheriff — Bernie Giusto

Caught in the squeeze for funds that has constricted Multnomah County, Bernie Giusto has done a fine job of making the best results from a seriously slashed budget. More important, Giusto is a genuinely nice guy..

Metro Council President — David Bragdon

David Bragdon has the distinction of being the first — and only — Metro Council president. His ferocious defense of the environment belies his gentle, friendly demeanor. He is generous with his time, attending local meetings to inform citizens of the problems — and possible solutions. Like as not, he will show up riding his bicycle, dressed casually.

City of Portland

Commissioner, Position No. 2 — Erik Sten

In his career on the Portland City Council, Erik Sten has been at the forefront in creating innovativesolutionsto Portland's problems. Never one to wait to see which way the wind is blowing, he has the courage to take the lead in solving problems. His passion for creating affordable housing has no equal on the City Council.

Commissioner, Position No. 3 — Dan Saltzman

In his political career — including two terms as city commissioner — Dan Saltzman has showed exemplary leadership in steering Portland toward renewable energy, defanging predatory payday loan shops and resisting federal attempts to constrict personal liberties. He has proved to be a consistent commissioner we can all count on.

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