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Harry C. Alford of the National Black Chamber of Commerce
Published: 12 March 2008

Power and greed go together like hand and glove. People who become rich do not stay rich unless they establish a foundation of power. Those who gain power solidify that power through the lust for wealth. There have been a few common folk come to the White House but none have ever left without being wealthy and powerful. It goes together because "He, who has the gold, makes the rules."
As the world evolved into one big theater, many nations, empires and super tribes began to convert their power that was gained through military prowess into a political format via vehicles of exploitation. A violent nation or empire would control its conquered subjects via front governments and psychological techniques. 
The British were the first to find that by infecting a large population with drug addiction you can control their very being. How else could a nation the size of the British Isles control a mighty China? The Brits imported opium into the populace of this extremely large geography and, thus, maintained control of its economy. Using drugs to control a targeted population turned out to be very effective.
After World War II, the United States found itself in an awesome position. It had just led a victorious fight against two military powers and became the "leader of the world." This was power beyond belief and what was a nation less than 200 years old to do? Our political apparatus found a vehicle. It created the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, to assist our new found military might and influence throughout the world. The CIA later got mixed up in internal matters. As Black America decided to fight for equal rights and full citizenship, the power structure saw this as a serious threat to a nation controlled by those who saw White Supremacy as a state of security and a means to maintain power (money).
It is no coincidence that shortly after the CIA was formed, drugs were imported into the streets of Black communities. This activity created a power of its own. Through friends like the Mafia, the political apparatus pointed drugs to Black communities and any community bordering them. It was the same formula that the Brits used in China.
This sick reality has manifested itself into something quite overwhelming. There are two distinct divisions used in this social political apparatus here in the United States. There is the Military Industrial Complex and the Prison Industrial Complex. The "Geo Politic" uses the Military Industrial Complex to import massive quantities of drugs without fear of exposure or retribution. 
It was brilliantly documented in the recent film, "American Gangster," that the biggest purveyor of drug importation during the 1960s and 1970s was the CIA and the American military itself. Wherever there is conflict involving the CIA and the military there appears to be vast drug importation. A better example is Afghanistan.  When the Taliban controlled this nation, opium farming was on a much smaller scale than it is today. 
After we invaded the nation and ran the Taliban out, this nation now exports over 80 percent of the world opium supply. It becomes quite clear doesn't it? Who is getting the big profits? Let me say this: Most of the big bucks are being laundered on Wall Street.
The other apparatus is the ever growing Prison Industrial Complex. The sick practice of importing drugs into Black communities and then arresting and prosecuting its population has become seriously big – in profits and damage. Today, half of all imprisoned people (nearly 1.5 million people –mostly Black) are there for involvement in nonviolent drug activity. The "Geo Politic" brings it in through military and intelligence agencies and then punishes those who were targeted for its use and damage. This judicial system that slants punishment towards Blacks; sets up slave labor through prison industries; cripples the economy of these targeted communities; and lessens their liberties through criminal records and job opportunity reduction is one big control mechanism using politics, drugs and race as its modus operandi.
How do we fight it? It can be simple if we can leverage what political clout we have. Legalize drugs! That would take the vast profit and revenue out of it. That would also bring transparency into the game. The Netherlands have legalized drugs and, to the surprise of all, this nation has a drug addiction rate that is 60 percent less than that of the United States and no one is in prison. Let's legalize drugs and upset this wicked game.

Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

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