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The Skanner
Published: 24 October 2007

Measure 49: Yes 
The Skanner supports individual property rights, and we believe many current zoning laws are archaic and need reformed in line with current neighborhood priorities. However, Measure 49 balances landowner rights with our responsibility to future generations. Clean water and usable agricultural land must be preserved, especially since the rising cost of oil may soon make importing food unfeasible. We need to retain the capacity to grow food locally. Vote yes on 49.

Measure 50: Yes

Here at The Skanner we urge voters to vote Yes on Measure 50. Yet we have to say, we see the measure as a band aid, not a long-term fix.
Nor do we approve of taxing only smokers to pay for health care. They cannot and should not carry the entire burden of our failing health care system. It is hypocritical at best. What will we do when people stop smoking and the money runs out? That said, we believe an even worse evil is that thousands of Oregon kids and some medically disabled adults are living without health care. The Skanner reluctantly says Yes on 50. 

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