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James E. Clingman of Blackonomics
Published: 22 August 2007

Just as the question, "What would Jesus do?" is really needless to pose, as we celebrate the life of Marcus Garvey, the same question is also rhetorical at best. 
I always say, in response to the WWJD question, that it's the wrong question to ask.  We should be asking, "What did Jesus do?" 
After all, he left us a record of everything he did, in every kind of situation, every kind of temptation, every kind of prejudice, every kind of racist act, and every kind of good deed, both individually and collectively. So there is no need to ask would he would do if he were here today. We can see very clearly, if we are willing to look, what he did, and that would not change if he were walking among us today.
With that in mind, I think about Marcus Garvey and what he did, not what he would do if he were still here. He also left a record of his actions and what many of us only recite and recall whenever it is convenient or expedient. However, when it comes to doing what Garvey did, we are nowhere to be found. But I have good news for you on this Aug. 17, 2007, the 120th anniversary of Garvey's birth.
The good news is that we have an effort that is doing exactly what Garvey did and would do if he were here today. It's called Kemet World. Described as the "largest intentional international Black Community on the planet, Kemet World captures Marcus Garvey's intent for his people and uses the Internet to bring it all together. Can you imagine how much more successful the Garveyites would have been if they had the Internet? Despite not having it they did something that has never been accomplished since: rallying six million Black folks, raising millions of dollars, establishing hundreds of new businesses, and creating thousands of jobs.
KemetWorld.com is being called the greatest place in cyberspace for African Americans of all ages. Whatever your dreams, goals, or aspirations are, Kemet World offers an opportunity to fulfill them. KemetWorld.com offers user-to-user interaction and state of the art technologies to ensure a family friendly, wholesome and engaging experience. Members of KemetWorld.com enjoy live on-line events, entertainment, instant messaging, games, e-mail, chat, cultural forums, their own home school association, and their own radio stations. At WYWFM.com you can listen, have your own show, and even be a DJ. You can also enjoy the new global TV station designed to highlight the good news and positive contributions of Black People. At KemetWorldTV.com you can even create and star in your own television program or newscast.
Besides using U.S. dollars, KemetWorld.com contains its own economy with a community currency based on what are called "Metros," which allow members to build and amass fortunes from anywhere in the world. Metros are used by members to purchase products and services. KemetWorld.com gives promotional Metros to encourage member participation, referrals and new users. Metros can also be earned by members in various creative ways throughout Kemet World.
In Kemet World, there are many on-line businesses and user groups. There is a business incubator, through which people can create their own businesses and get the support they need. Many of these businesses expand into their local communities as well. There is an International Black Chamber of Commerce, which allows you to network globally with other business owners. There are even colleges and universities in Kemet World as well.
Kemet World also contains the largest Black-owned cyber mall in the world! The Ujamaa International Mall offers everything from clothing to food, books to homemade items; you can find it all in the Mall. It also has a partner program where you can set up your own store!
Kemet World is a universe of its own, a quality product, well worth its weight in gold, but it is also a crusade to liberate our people! It is a self-sufficient, sustainable Black Community. It is a Black community that will create wealth for itself to be passed on to future generations, just like the one we "talk" about so much.
As a part of the Kemet World Global Alliance, KemetWorld.com will seamlessly bridge the socio-geographic gap and connect Blacks around the world, so that a world community and economic powerbase can be reestablished, just as Marcus Garvey had envisioned, set out to do and accomplished. With a population of 40 million and a buying power of more that $800 billion in the United States alone, Kemet World is the place where these ideals can come to fruition.
Kemet World is being recognized around the world as the premier place for Black people that use modern technology to build on the legacy of Marcus Garvey. So, as we reflect on what Garvey would do if he were still with us, let's first change the question by asking what he did. If you don't know what Garvey did, do some reading and find out. You really need to know. Then, if you want to help build on the legacy he left us, get involved with Kemet World.
Marcus Garvey said, "Look for me in the Whirlwind."  Let's celebrate what Marcus Garvey did, and let's also do what he did by joining Kemet World. What would Marcus have done today? He would have established Kemet World. Go to KemetWorld.com and learn more, or call 1-800-278-0381.

James Clingman, a writer on Black economic empowerment, has a new book available; titled "Black Empowerment with an Attitude, You got a problem with that?"

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