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Portland MayDay protester holding end violence sign
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Published: 09 May 2015

10 Moments on Twitter that Changed the Way we Talk about Black Lives

The Huffington Post lists these 10 influential Twitter hashtags that changed the conversation about race and racism: http://huff.to/1KtigHf


15 XXL Seattle Rappers

Seattle’s Black Stax is among XXL magazine’s 'The New New: 15 Seattle Rappers You Should Know.' We love this track. VIDEO: 'I Love My Life.'

 Check out XXL's other 14 – Sol, Kung Foo Grip, Nacho Picasso, Fatal Lucciauno, Jarv Dee and... http://bit.ly/1bFraWD


Walking While Black in Forest Grove

In the News Times Daniel Forbes reports on a police stop that was the last straw for Forest Grove resident Vanessa Savage. Savage sent messages to Forest Grove Police Chief Janie Schutz by fax and Facebook, asking to talk about racial profiling.

“We understand from all the statistics and the media that encounters with the police can quickly turn fatal for black people,” she wrote. “Why is your police department initiating unwarranted encounters with black people?”

Read more from Daniel Forbes investigation into racial profiling in Forest Grove: http://bit.ly/1dTDxzW


 Farewell You Sexy Thing

Britain mourned the beloved Errol Brown an icon of disco who died last week. We believed in miracles when he came along: VIDEO You Sexy Thing

The Guardian explained why Hot Chocolate was far more than a one-hit wonder:  http://bit.ly/1PwZRek


Why it's a Crime to Be Homeless

So-called nuisance laws are making it impossible to live in Seattle without being made a criminal, reports the Seattle Weekly in Homelessness in Washington State is a crime.
"Seattle University law school reports, released from SU's Homeless Rights Advocacy Project illustrate how widespread anti-homeless laws criminalize "necessary, life-sustaining activities" like sleeping and urinating by making them illegal in public without offering any alternatives."

We don't think Portland is any better. Charges like "offensive littering" –having a pee outside –or erecting an unauthorized structure –making a shelter for your sleeping bag—mean homeless people can barely escape charges: >http://bit.ly/1P7wep1


Cheating? That's not Patriotic

The deflategate scandal showed Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were involved in cheating, says USA Today.

"Cheating isn't a zero-sum game like some believe. There can be degrees of it and Brady is probably at the lower end, but it's cheating nonetheless."


Seattle Council Member to Police: “Did you start the ‘riot’?”

Seattle Council member Bruce Harrell grilled Seattle Police Department about its crowd control tactics on May Day, reports the Seattleish blog.

Harrell asked: “Did you start the “riot”? 

"Why did you arrest the person in this video in the way that you did when it’s pretty clear that that was an unnecessary show of violence?  That was idiotic.”

Here’s the video: 

Read more about how the police chief responded on the Seattleish blog: http://bit.ly/1ci254q


Host a Teen for One Week This Summer

The World Affairs Council of Oregon is looking for families who are willing to host a teenager for just one week this summer. The teens from Cuba, Iraq and Africa are visiting Portland to learn about community engagement and youth leadership. You don’t have to be rich; you just need to have a free bed and a welcoming family home. Sign up to host a student or adult mentor from:

July 25-August 8: Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program

August 19-27: Summer Leadership Program for Cuban Youth (Spanish-speaking hosts needed)

August 21-29: Pan-Africa Youth Leadership Program with Chad, Mauritania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo, and Côte d'Ivoire (French-speaking hosts in demand)

Host families provide a supportive family environment, an individual bed, breakfasts and dinners, and assistance with transportation to and from our downtown office. Weekdays from 9a.m. to 5p.m. the visitors will be at workshops and program activities coordinated by the World Affairs Council of Oregon.

 To sign up contact Andrew Neal at [email protected] or (503) 306-5216.


VIDEO: The White House China Check out Michelle Obama’s new plates.



A White Man Called Jamaal

Growing up with the name Jamaal, this Oregon-born white dude learned a little about everyday racism.

“In January of 2002 I flew to London. I was randomly selected for additional passenger screening. It was me, Muhammad, Abdul, Tariq, and an old white haired lady named Jenny Smith.”


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