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A. Peter Bailey
Published: 27 June 2007

For historical accuracy it is important that the Duke University Lacrosse players accused of rape, falsely it has been determined, are not sweet little choirboys. They are pampered White frat boys who pulled together a boisterous, raunchy party to which they invited two Black strippers to "perform."
As for their lives being irrevocably ruined, that is total bull. The good ole' White frat boy network will see that they are gainfully employed and they themselves will be entertaining their frat brothers with tales of their exploits for the next 40 to 50 years. That is a much better deal than the one received by hundreds of Black teenagers and young men, who through the years, were lynched or jailed for many years on false accusations of the rape of White women.
It has been reported in The Washington Post that in August 2007, the United States will open "The biggest U.S. embassy on earth" in Baghdad. Anyone wondering why should note a letter-to-the-editor in the newspaper, The Politico, which stated, "…we the U.S. are building extensive military bases in Iraq because that was a primary objective from the start. The projection of U.S. power in the Middle East was spelled out in the document, 'Rebuilding America's Defenses," produced by The Project for the New American Century. PNAC signatories include Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby, Donald Rumsfield, Paul Wolfowitz and other Bush policy makers ... The war in Iraq is not about WMD, terrorism or empowering Islamic populations with real democracy. It is about wealth, power, strategic resources and the ambitious agenda of the Bush neoconservatives..."
If there is to be any serious counter attack against the cultural and psychological poison given to our children by what the late C. DeLores Tucker called "the unholy coalition of gangstas from the streets and gangstas from the suites," we must clearly analyze what we are dealing with. Comments attributed to three young Black males in an article in The Chronicle of Charleston, S.C. clearly demonstrate how successful the poisoners have been in polluting the minds and souls of too many of our young people. They said as follows:
"I love rap music. It's degrading and it's nasty but I love it."
"It's disgusting; the videos, the songs — but it's the music I listen to. It's what's popular."
"I know it's degrading and I don't necessarily agree with what is said but it's still good music and I like to jam to it."
It makes you wanna holler!
One of the most potent weapons used by the Eurocentric conservative talk show propagandists and their allies in the journalistic, academic and political arenas is to accuse one of being politically correct (PC). For instance, if you say that Columbus didn't "discover the new world," the Eurocentric propagandists hurl accusations of political correctness. My response is that it is better to be PC than HI (historically incorrect).

A. Peter Bailey is the former editor of "Blacklash," the news organ for Malcolm X's Organization for Afro-American Unity, and the former editor of Ebony Magazine.

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