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By The Skanner News
Published: 18 October 2006

The Skanner recommends the following votes on the measures appearing on the Nov. 7 general election ballot:




• Measure 39: Prohibits Public Body From Condemning Private Real Property if it Intends to Convey to Private Party.

The government shouldn't be able to favor one private party over another, especially when property ownership is concerned. VOTE YES

• Measure 40: Amends Constitution: Requires Oregon Supreme Court Judges and Court of Appeal Judges to be Elected By District.

Judges represent all of Oregon, not voters from a specific district. VOTE NO

• Measure 41: Allows Income Tax Deduction Equal to Federal Exemptions Deduction to Substitute for State Exemption Credit.

The real problem with Oregon's budget is the influence of special interests and lobbyists, and Measure 41 does nothing to change that. The measure would have an immediate negative impact on vital spending programs. VOTE NO

• Measure 42: Prohibits Insurance Companies From Using Credit Score or "Credit Worthiness" in Calculating Rates or Premiums.

The measure is poorly worded and will end up before Oregon's courts to determine its effect. Besides, Oregon law already prohibits insurance companies from using credit history solely to raise rates. VOTE NO

• Measure 43: Requires 48-Hour Notice to Unemancipated Minor's Parent Before Providing Abortion; Authorizes Lawsuits, Physician Discipline.

Parents are required to give permission for other medical treatments for their underage children, why not abortions? Parental notification would keep pregnant girls from feeling alone or pressured to have an abortion and could prevent dangerous psychological effects and other physical complications. VOTE YES

• Measure 44: Allows Any Oregon Resident Without Prescription Drug Coverage to Participate in Oregon Prescription Drug Program.

More than 1 million Oregonians would be eligible to join the state's drug purchasing pool. The measure would help contain health care costs because more expensive emergency room visits or treatments can be avoided. In addition, it will help minority communities that already are medically underserved. VOTE YES

• Measure 45: Amends Constitution: Limits State Legislators: Six Years as Representative, Eight Years as Senator, 14 Years in Legislature.

The best term limits are already here: They're called "elections." The measure would shift power away from the Legislature because lobbyists and bureaucrats could exert more influence on inexperienced legislators who have no historical perspective. VOTE NO

• Measure 46: Amends Constitution: Allows Laws Regulating Election Contributions, Expenditures Adopted By Initiative or ¾ of Both Legislative Houses.

The state Supreme Court has already decided that involuntary limits on campaign contributions violate Oregonian's freedom of speech. This measure would infringe on that cherished freedom by limiting people who choose to contribute their own money to political campaigns. VOTE NO

• Measure 47: Revises Campaign Finance Laws: Limits or Prohibits Contributions and Expenditures; Adds Disclosure, New Reporting Requirements.

This measure would limit the ability of ordinary people to have a voice in politics and would magnify the voice of wealthy candidates who can contribute to their own campaigns. It also would muzzle the influence of grassroots organizations that work on behalf of poor and minority Oregonians. VOTE NO

• Measure 48: Amends Constitution: Limits Biennial Percentage Increase in State Spending to Percentage Increase in Population, Plus Inflation.


The state budget must be flexible to meet needs that can change from one biennial cycle to the next. Measure 48 creates an arbitrary link between population growth, inflation and spending needs that doesn't reflect reality and would have an immediate negative impact on everything from public education to health care.




• Measure 26-81: Renew Five Year Local Option Levy to Continue Library Services.

Public libraries are among the community's most vital assets and deserve to maintain their services at current levels. VOTE YES




• Measure 26-86: Amends City Charter -- Changes Fire and Police Disability and Retirement System.

"Measure 26-86 will be both fair to the taxpayers and to our police and firefighters," said Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman. "It's also a very fiscally responsible reform that will save taxpayers' money over the years and help protect their financial future." VOTE YES




• Measure 26-80: Bonds to Preserve Natural Areas, Clean Water, Protect Fish, Wildlife.

Stewardship of the natural environment is in everyone's interest. VOTE YES




• Measure 26-83: Mt. Hood Community College District General Obligation Bond Authorization.

Mt. Hood Community College is a vital resource to East County residents. This bond measure is a prudent investment in the college's future. VOTE YES




• Measure 26-84: Portland Schools Levy for Teachers, Classrooms, Educational Programs, Learning Materials.

The Portland Public Schools District continues to ask the citizens of Portland for more money, yet its schools continue to underperform. This measure would impose yet another tax on homeowners that doesn't produce any results. VOTE NO

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