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Bruce Poinsette of The Skanner News
Published: 27 August 2012
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Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, bringing in the 2012 Republican National Convention

This year The Skanner News Group is partnering with the Los Angeles Wave and several other papers to bring readers all the latest news on the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

The publications will be sending John Moreno, managing editor of the Los Angeles Wave, to both conventions.
"Usually when we cover something like this I'm the front reporter and I've got a photographer," says Moreno. "Unfortunately that's not going to be the case so I have to become the photographer, the videographer, the print reporter and the social media editor, etc. You just have to own up."

Moreno, a self-described political junkie, has been doing journalism for nine years. He worked as a copy editor when he first began at the Wave and soon moved on to entertainment coverage. Eventually he migrated to the local political beat and reported on City Hall.

Since being elevated to managing editor, he hasn't gotten as many opportunities to be out in the field.

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"When I get the chance to go out and cover something like these elections I jump at it," says Moreno.

This year will mark his second time covering national political conventions. In 2008, he reported from the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Moreno says the thing that stood out to him the most from 2008 was all the excitement surrounding President Barack Obama's candidacy. Specifically, he says there were a number of celebrities, professional athletes, actor, singers and other people that you wouldn't necessarily expect at a political convention.

"That was great for a reporter because you could just walk around the arena and you would run into people you want to interview all day long," says Moreno. "I'm not sure if it will necessarily be the same this time around."

While there may not be as much buzz as four years ago, Moreno is still excited about the new possibilities for his coverage this year.

Chris Christie

He says there will be a lot more technology at his disposal. In 2008, he says reporters were tied to a media room. Moreno's laptop was always plugged into an Ethernet cable. This year, media representatives will be able to file reports from anywhere, mainly with the help of smartphones.

Moreno will be providing a variety of content, including traditional news stories, photos, videos and live streaming. He will also be plugged into all of the major social media outlets to provide updates.

At the Democratic Convention, Moreno looks forward to talking with attendees about how they feel about the President today compared to 2008. He says a lot of Democrats that received invites to the convention have backed out and he wants to get a sense of why the level of enthusiasm has changed.

At the Republican Convention he will be seeking out the few Black and Hispanic delegates to see why they support the Republican platform. Moreno will also ask delegates about issues affecting communities of color in particular, including voter ID laws and immigration policy.

Corey Booker

Out of everyone, Moreno says he is most interested in speaking with Artur Davis, a former Democrat who had nominated President Obama in 2008 and is now a Republican. He wants to know what about the President's performance has caused Davis to make such a drastic turn.

Moreno says he would have a hard time setting up that interview formally, which is why he appreciates the setting of the convention.

"Most of the time when we want to get an interview with an elected official we have to reach out to their press secretary," he says. "At the convention, there's as good of a chance as any that you might just bump into an Artur Davis."

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