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Brian Stimson of The Skanner
Published: 20 August 2008

Nazi flags and swastikas have been flying over parts of North Portland and the FBI is now investigating. Although investigators have not announced a suspect, one source says it was a racist action from the American Nazi Party.
An informant – who wished to remain anonymous — contacted The Skanner and said the work was done by the American National Socialist Workers Party – an allegation that was corroborated by an internet posting by Bill White, the editor of the Roanoke, Va.-based "National Socialist" magazine. The magazine and the political party by the same name advocate for America to return all non-White people to their countries of origin – except White Aryan Europeans, because they consider the conquering of the American Indians to be just. The party espouses 24 other demands of totalitarian submission.
The FBI has opened an investigation after police removed the large helium-filled balloons carrying large swastikas from several sites, including North Interstate Avenue and Skidmore Street, in Southeast Portland near the Ross Island Bridge and over the Marquam Bridge. The FBI says it could be a hate crime.
The Nazi blog on www.vnnforum.com shows a general disdain for the FBI's investigation – as well as for Jews, Blacks, race traitor Whites and just about everyone else. One poster suggested passing out "Swazi" balloons in the Northeast neighborhood.
"Wasn't talking about launching these, i (sic) was thinking passing them out to people and kids, as all kids scream until mommy lets them have a balloon," says "USN88."
Many of the posts suggested that what had transpired was not a crime at all, but free speech. Although the basic constitutional framework that allows members of the American Nazi Party to espouse their views without fear of arrest is not something they truly believe in, as it is spelled out in their party platform or personal views on freedom of speech.
" … when the new order arises out of this stinking mess, any reporter caught implying that something is a crime, WHEN IT ISN'T, will be shot for subversion, and the paper he worked for shut down. the (sic) editors and others involved will also be put under the f**king microscope, and if any collaboration found, they will become fertilizer too," says "AsphaltSoldier88."
The anonymous activist who alerted The Skanner to the source of the flags says the fact that the actions took place on or around Aug. 8 might have to do with the symbolism of 88 – a number that neo-Nazis use to signify "Heil Hitler" – the letter H being the eighth letter in the alphabet. This person says they believe the action was committed by one individual who goes by the online name of Daniel Jones. The name may or may not be real.
"This person has been very active in distributing fliers and boasting about it on the internet," says the anonymous source. The person or his affiliates have also been active in posting names and addresses of people online that they consider to be their enemies. Time will only tell whether the posting of flags and fliers will result in a violent act, the activist says.
"When there's an upsurge of one, there's an upsurge of the other," the activist says.
These latest swastika sightings come on the heals of similar events in March when balloons were found flying over the Fremont Bridge, as well as fliers being dumped in mailboxes in Tigard. In October 2007, the neo-Nazi group Hammerskin Nation held their 20th anniversary rally in Sherwood at the local Elks Lodge. The Ad-Hoc Committee Against Racism and Fascism alerted the public to the event and members of the group were asked to leave by Elks Club members. The Hammerskin Nation are affiliated with the group Volksfront that was responsible for the killing of Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw in 1988.

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