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By The Skanner News
Published: 09 August 2006

Editor's note: Jefferson High School continues to undergo major changes. The Jefferson High Parent/Teacher/Student Association wants the community's views about Jefferson's future. What kind of high school do you want?

The Jefferson High School neighborhood has the largest number of high school students in the Portland Public School District. Yet more than two-thirds of these students go to schools other than Jefferson.

Please list up to three reasons you think over two-thirds of students in the Jefferson neighborhood go to other high schools.

Please list up to three things that need to happen to increase enrollment so Jefferson returns to its tradition of excellence in academics, arts and athletics.

Please list courses, programs and/or extracurricular activities you believe should be offered to Jefferson students.

Jefferson High School has been reorganized twice in the last three years. The superintendent and school board want to reorganize it for the third time beginning in September. Do you support this reorganization?
° YES   ° NO

If Jefferson is reorganized again, it will be divided into separate academies. Do you think Jefferson should be divided into separate academies or run as one high school?
° Divided into separate academies °Stay as one high school

If Jefferson is reorganized for the third time, students will have at least 66 percent fewer courses from which to choose than they had last year, according to district publications. Do you support offering fewer courses?
° YES   ° NO

The school board has voted to create separate boys and girls academies for Jefferson students. Do you support the single-sex academies?
° YES   ° NO

The opening of the single-sex academies has been postponed until fall 2007. To prepare for that opening, the district is hiring a person to recruit boys for the academy. Do you think the school should hire to recruit for a boys academy that will open in fall 2007?
° YES   ° NO

Do you regularly receive news about Jefferson?
° YES   ° NO

If yes, where do you get that news?

Do you think it is important for Jefferson to have a person paid to recruit for and market the "regular" Jefferson neighborhood school to increase enrollment?
° YES   ° NO 

If you support having a person paid to recruit and market Jefferson, who do you think should select that person — Jefferson staff, Parent teacher student association, the district or staff, district and Parent teacher student association working together?
°  Jefferson staff    °  the district    °  PTSA   
°  district/parents/students/community working together 

What, if anything, do you think Jefferson or the district staff should do to recruit for and market the "regular" Jefferson neighborhood school to increase enrollment?

Do you believe the school district's proposed center providing human and health services for neighborhood families should be placed at Jefferson or at a private, religious university?
° Jefferson  ° A private, religious university

Are you surprised to know that Jefferson students — those not meeting benchmarks and those exceeding benchmarks — have improved their test scores more than any other high school in the district in recent years?
° YES   ° NO

Do you have a connection with Jefferson?  If yes, are you a:
° Student   ° Staff member   ° Parent    ° Neighbor   
° Other    ° No connection

15.  Is there anything else you'd like to say about or recommend for Jefferson High School?


E-mail address _________________________

Phone number ___________________________________
Street address ____________________________________________________
° I'd like to volunteer at Jefferson ° Mentor 
° Join the PTSA ° Held in classroom
° I'd like to help Jefferson in other ways  ___________________________________________________
° I'd like regular information about Jefferson
° I have a student in the Jefferson neighborhood who attends ________________________ High School

Thank you for taking this Jefferson PTSA survey!

Please send your completed survey to Jefferson PTSA, 5210 N. Kerby Ave., Portland, 97217-2656

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