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FILE - This Aug. 27, 2014 file photo shows a statue outside of the Illinois Supreme Court building in Springfield, Ill. The Illinois Supreme Court on Tuesday, July 18, 2023 upheld the constitutionality of a state law ending cash bail, ordering implementation in mid-September. The ruling overturns a Kankakee County judge’s opinion in December that the law violated the constitution’s provision that “all persons shall be bailable by sufficient sureties. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman, file)
By The Skanner News | The Skanner News
Published: 18 July 2023

danny k davis introDaniel K. Davis, U.S. representative from Illinois's 7th congressional districtWashington DC- Today, Congressman Danny K. Davis stands alongside the Illinois Supreme Court in celebrating their groundbreaking decision to declare the elimination of cash bail constitutional. This landmark ruling establishes Illinois as the first state in the nation to abolish cash bail, reaffirming its commitment to a fair and just criminal justice system that respects the rights and dignity of all its citizens.

The Illinois Supreme Court's ruling represents a significant step forward in addressing the systemic inequalities and injustices that have plagued our criminal justice system for far too long. By eliminating cash bail, we are ensuring that justice is not based on an individual's financial status, but rather on the merits of their case and the principles of fairness and equity.

Davis acknowledges that the cash bail system disproportionately impacts low-income communities and communities of color, often perpetuating a cycle of poverty and entrenching individuals in the criminal justice system. This ruling sends a powerful message that we are committed to breaking that cycle and creating a system that treats every person with dignity and fairness.

"I commend the Illinois Supreme Court for their courageous decision to eliminate cash bail," said Congressman Danny K. Davis. "This ruling marks a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to reform our criminal justice system and ensure that it truly serves the best interests of our communities.

"By removing the financial barriers that have long hindered equal access to justice, we can now work towards a system that is built on rehabilitation, restoration, and compassion."

Davis recognizes that this ruling is just the beginning of a larger movement towards comprehensive criminal justice reform. He vows to continue fighting for policies that promote alternatives to incarceration, address the root causes of crime, and prioritize the rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals into society.

Davis commends the Illinois Supreme Court, legal advocates, community organizers, and all those who have dedicated their efforts to achieving this monumental victory for justice. Together, we can build a criminal justice system that upholds the values of equality, fairness, and humanity.

U. S. Representative Danny K. Davis is the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Worker and Family Support within the Committee on Ways and Means, with broad jurisdiction over child welfare, employment, foster care, social security, and tanf.

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