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'I think that what people will get out of these comments in the Bible is how pertinent, how important and how applicable the ancient texts are to our modern-day life'

The author of 25 books, here he talks about his latest, 'NIV Lessons from Life Bible'


83-year-old revolutionized children's books by touching on ideas of disobedience and fear

NEW YORK (AP) -- Maurice Sendak didn't think of himself as a children's author, but as an author who told the truth about childhood.


Regardless of what has triggered the escalation of the bullying phenomenon, parents, educators and legislators are only belatedly catching on to the need to intervene

America is presently plagued by a bullying epidemic which has resulted in literally millions of kids skipping classes, changing schools and even dropping out entirely. Regardless of what has triggered the escalation of the phenomenon, parents, educators and legislators are only belatedly catching on to the need to intervene and to the fact that the perpetrators have to be held accountable for their behavior.


the average African-American is likely to have a potentially-serious brush with the law at some point, even if it's just a profile stop that never leads to any charges

'Many go to jail having been wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit. Others will go to jail because of a lack of economic opportunities; and others go to jail simply because they did not have someone to show them a better way.'


Study shows that reading's early steps are far more instinctive than scientists first thought

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Dan the baboon sits in front of a computer screen. The letters BRRU pop up. With a quick and almost dismissive tap, the monkey signals it's not a word. Correct. Next comes, ITCS. Again, not a word. Finally KITE comes up.


Rowling's resistance ends as digital versions of publications head to Pottermore site

LONDON (AP) -- At last, Harry Potter's adventures are available electronically.


Reporter and author Thomas Peele discusses Chauncey Bailey and "Killing the Messenger"

Award-winning investigative reporter and author Thomas Peele talks about his work on the Chauncey Bailey Project -- a collaboration of journalists that formed to finish the work Bailey was doing -- and his new book, Killing the Messenger, that traces the black Muslim movement from its founding to a violent cult-like organization in Oakland that was responsible for Bailey's murder.


Their subjects of conversation ranged from safety to racism to ambitious plans for making their mark on the world upon reuniting

A priceless slice of African-American history that can't be read without crying and which undoubtedly deserves to be on display in the Smithsonian.


The Good Book annotated by a former president who probably would prefer to be remembered as a selfless servant of God

If you're interested in understanding the source of Jimmy Carter's inspiration and abiding faith, you might want to invest in this special edition of the New International Bible which highlights selected Scriptures, and is supplemented throughout by a life's worth of his favorite lessons, reflections and prayers.


Here's a wrap up of book reviews for Black History Month


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