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Agencies Investigate COVID-19 Outbreaks at Two Townsend Farms Sites

OHA today named the business responsible for COVID-19 outbreaks at multiple locations

Oregon's Top Courts Begin Reversing Nonunanimous Convictions

These are the first of hundreds — and perhaps thousands — of cases that are being scrutinized

Washington Issues New Guidelines for Religious Services

Gov. Inslee announced Wednesday that churches, mosques and synagogues can resume in-person services, with those in counties in the second stage of the reopening plan. King County, which includes Seattle, is among the 15 counties still in Phase 1.

Multnomah County Weighs Impact to Communities of Color in Decision to Re-Open

Multnomah County will submit its application to enter Phase 1 of reopening on June 5, with the goal to reopen June 12.


Oregon Health Authority Investigating COVID-19 Increase at Unnamed Business

Oregon reports 71 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases today, no new deaths ...

Some Columbia River Gorge Trails, Parks Reopen Today

Crowded sites including most waterfall viewing areas, campgrounds, and visitor’s centers will stay closed because of the coronavirus...

Over 60 Percent of U.S. Households Have Responded to 2020 Census

Washington is one of the 6 states with the highest self-response rates and both Seattle and Portland are one of the top 8 cities with...

Federal Court Rules Florida Law That Undermined Voting Rights Restoration Is Unconstitutional

The law required people with past convictions to pay all outstanding legal fees, costs, fines, and restitution before regaining their...

Man mauled by grizzly bear in critical, stable condition

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — A grizzly bear has mauled a mountain biker on a trail near the Spanish Peaks Mountain Club in southern Montana, causing severe injuries to his face and neck. Peter Scherfig was biking alone on his 61st birthday Monday when he was attacked, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle...

1 arrested in Portland during George Floyd death protest

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — One person was arrested during protests in Portland, Oregon, during a protest over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.KOIN reports as Portland Police Bureau officers arrived in riot gear, some protesters blocked streets around the Multnomah County...

Kansas, Missouri renew Border War with 4-game football set

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Kansas and Missouri are resuming their bitter Border War in football after the former Big 12 rivals agreed to a four-game series in which each school will play two home games beginning in September 2025.The fourth-longest rivalry in college football dates to 1891, but...


Ballot Measure 26-210 is Needed Now

Though this measure was referred to the ballot by Metro, it was written by the HereTogether coalition ...

The Skanner News May Primary 2020 Endorsements

Read The Skanner News' midterm election endorsements for Oregon, Multnomah County, Portland, and ballot measures ...

A New Earth Day

Happy Earth Day. If we actually mean it, we will elect representatives who will force the military to clean up their pollution ...

Covid-19 Financial Warning: Consumers and Banks Should Stay Away From Payday Loans

When living costs exceed available financial resources, tough times lead to tough decisions ...


Governor acknowledges 'abject failure' in protest response

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — With smoke drifting over Minneapolis, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz on Friday acknowledged the “abject failure” of the response to this week's violent protests and called for swift justice for police involved in the death of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who...

Trump calls Minneapolis protesters 'thugs,' vows action

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Friday threatened to take action to bring the city of Minneapolis “under control,” calling violent protesters outraged by the death of a black man in police custody “thugs” and saying that “when the looting...

Columbus protest over George Floyd's death turns violent

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Protesters angry over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody turned out for a demonstration in Columbus that began peacefully but turned violent early Friday, with windows smashed at the Ohio Statehouse and storefronts along surrounding downtown...


With a gay protagonist, Pixar short 'Out' makes history

NEW YORK (AP) — In Steven Clay Hunter’s 23 years as an animator at Pixar, he has drawn a seven-armed octopus, a Canadian daredevil and a wheezing toy penguin. But there were scenes he never expected to animate until he began working on his short, “Out.” Hunter wrote and...

Luminaries Lost: A look at some of the artists lost to virus

A comedian whose faces made generations laugh. The cinematographer behind E.T’s glowing finger and moonlight flight. A jazz guitarist of legendary poise and precision. In the third installment in a series, The Associated Press takes a look at prominent figures in arts, entertainment and...

Weinstein raped me in 1994 at age 17, woman says in lawsuit

NEW YORK (AP) — A woman who says Harvey Weinstein raped her when she was 17 is among four plaintiffs in a new lawsuit against the imprisoned movie mogul, the latest court action accusing him of decades of vile sexual behavior.The woman, now 43, alleges Weinstein forced her to disrobe,...


Punching through turmoil: Pro boxer helps medical staff cope

PARIS (AP) — Hassan N’Dam, former middleweight boxing champion of the world, wanted to repay the...

Take 2 for SpaceX's 1st astronaut launch with more storms

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — SpaceX pressed ahead with its second attempt to launch astronauts for NASA...

New drugs make headway against lung, prostate, colon cancers

Doctors are reporting success with newer drugs that control certain types of cancer better, reduce the risk it...

Hong Kong on borrowed time as China pushes for more control

BANGKOK (AP) — Hong Kong has been living on borrowed time ever since the British made it a colony nearly...

The Latest: Infection rate stubborn in one Italian region

The Latest on the coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For...

South Africa has virus testing backlog of nearly 100,000

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South Africa says it has a backlog of nearly 100,000 unprocessed tests for the...

We’ced Staff We’ced Youth Media / New America Media

Editor's Note: "CalGang" is a non-public database that started as a way to help Los Angeles law enforcement keep track of gang members and affiliates, and has since expanded to cover all of California. There are now an estimated 200,000 individuals in the CalGang database, some as young as 10 years old. There is no notification sent to an individual once they are registered in the database, and the criteria for inclusion has been highly criticized. A bill moving through the state legislature (SB 458) would require officials to notify individuals and their parents or guardians if they are underage and designated as gang members, and would enable them to contest the designation before being entered into the database. Below is a collection of quotes by young people from the Central Valley town of Merced, who were asked to share their thoughts about CalGang and SB 458.

"It could be really easy [for youth] to end up in the CalGang database in Merced because I like to think that even though we consider Merced "ghetto" in a way, we all sort of get along -- gangsters talk to skaters, and so on. It's easy to be labeled for the way you dress or who you talk to.

I don't even think that [notifying parents] should be questionable. If someone is under 18 and they are put in the database then their parents should be notified, no matter the circumstances. If it were my child, I would like to know and would have a right to!"

~ Diego Sandoval, 18

"Getting put in the CalGang database could have nothing to do with an individual's affiliation and could be an issue of simply living in the wrong neighborhood, going to the wrong school or being related to the wrong people. So I think it could be very easy to be recorded as a gang member in Merced.

It should be everyone's right to know what the government labels him or her as. This is America, land of the free, man! It is a violation of rights, especially with minors."

~ Emily Castrigno, 17

"As a young person living in Merced, where gang culture is common, I think it is definitely easy for someone to end up in the CalGang database. I do believe parents of underage children should be notified if their child is added to the database. I think anyone added to the database should be notified. People should have the right to know who is putting what information about them out there."

~ Alyssa Castro, 20

"Over half the people I know are gang-related in some way or other and it seems that the criteria for being put in the database are very minimal. I do not think parents should be notified if their child is in the CalGang database. I think the individual person who is in the database should be notified."

~ Jjakoba Starr Predmore, 17

"From what I have seen and experienced, the cops know what is happening and who is gang related and who is not. I believe that parents should be notified if their child is in the CalGang database. They have the right to know and if the child was to be affiliated with gangs, the parents could take immediate action and try to find a solution to the problem. Even though the government is not perfect, it is trying to fix itself by passing laws for the betterment of we the people."

~ Fernando Almaraz, 17

"It would be easy to end up in the CalGang database living in Merced, because people right away think you are in a gang just by your physical appearance and who you hang out with. For example, my boyfriend Adrian told me that a few months ago, he and his brother were walking and out of nowhere they were stopped and asked where they were going. They were just walking but I guess since his brother is full of tattoos, they looked like gangbangers. Another example would be when my friend and I used to walk from Golden Valley to her house by the fairgrounds. One day, one of the El Nido teachers saw me and asked me where was I going. She asked what I was doing on the bad side of Merced and to not be doing anything bad. I was in the wrong, just because I was on the wrong side of Merced.

I think some parents are unaware of what their children do, maybe because they work a lot. They should be aware of what is going on with their kid."

~ Lisbeth Vasquez, 16

"Heck yes, it is easy to get labeled as a gangster or an 'associate' to a gangster in Merced. I think about 60 percent of people [here] are somehow, someway 'associated' with gang activity. Just knowing [that] makes me and others in We'ced feel scared or angry that [we] can be in this CalGang database. It's like finding out your bathroom had spy cameras the entire time. [But] even if a person has a friend who is associated with a gang doesn't mean that they themselves are in a gang. I think the person who is labeled in this database should know, if they are underage there is even more reason for them to find out."

~ Deborah Juarez, 17

"In a small community like Merced, it would be easy to end up in the CalGang database, [and] as a young person living in Merced, it would be even easier. I have friends who are associated with gangs but we still hang out every now and then. We share some interests like video games, sports and watching movies. I could be hanging out with them just grabbing some tacos, and bam -- I am now labeled as gang-affiliated. I think parents should be notified if their underage youth are put in the database. This would help let the parents know that there is a problem, so the parents can search for appropriate solutions. If the parents don't know that their kids are in gangs, they might find out the day one of them gets hurt or in trouble."

~ Jesus Perez, 18

"Merced is infamous for its poverty and gang activities. It's sad to note that everyone here knows at least one person involved with gangs. With lack of transparency in the CalGang database, it's hard for the average person here to know if they are on it, so they may be able to do something about it.

If youth are put in the database, it should be a right for parents to know so there can be action on their part to remedy the situation. Why should this information be kept from the public?"

~ Austin Corpuz, 18

"Every kid, teenager or young adult is still looking for their identity, so everyone wants to fit in and be cool. The trend can be a certain kind of clothes and that may have them looking like they are a gang member. On top of that, friends and family are in gangs, so are we supposed to ignore our friends and family? I think that notifying parents isn't enough. If you're over 18 and trying to get a job or a house, the police can share that information. If that information can be shared with other people, why not us?"

~ Kalvin Saelee, 17

We'Ced Youth Media is a project of New America Media.

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