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Don't Call the Police for domestic disturbances
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Blumenauer Announces Expected Vote on Federal Restaurant Relief Legislation

Under the terms of the legislation, grants would provide restaurants assistance for operating costs such as payroll and benefits, food, utilities, rent, and more.

Governor Seeks Review of Police Protest Response in Oregon

Videos from the demonstration in downtown Portland showed police grabbing a news photographer and pushing him to ground as he was trying to document them tackling and detaining a person on a sidewalk.

Portland Braces as Right-Wing Extremists Rally

Gov. Kate Brown warned violence would not be tolerated as right wing extremists converge on Portland "looking for a fight"

A Reminder: Delta Park is Vanport

As extreme right-wing, white supremacist groups prepare to converge on Portland tomorrow, here is a reminder of the historical significance of the place they plan to overrun and the stories of the people that lived there.


Free COVID-19 Testing Tuesday, Sept 29

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center will be offering free screening for all ages. ...

Oregon Reports 181 New COVID-19 Cases, No New Deaths

Although the curve is not flat, the number of cases is fluctuateing slightly less, with 21 new cases in Multnomah County. ...

Teletha Aldridge Benjamin Named as Recipient of the Gladys McCoy Lifetime Achievement Award

Benjamin says, “I learned about supporting my community from the examples of the adults in my neighborhood, and no one ever thought...

Blumenauer Statement on Planned White Supremacist Rally in Portland

“These are evil people looking for a fight and national media attention. Let’s not give them what they want." ...

Wish Launches $2 Million Fund To Support Black-owned Businesses

The Wish Local Empowerment Program is set to impact more than 4,000 small businesses across the US ...

Police: Man dies after cliff fall at Oregon coast

TILLAMOOK, Ore. (AP) — A 43-year-old man died after plunging off a cliff into the surf Sunday at the Oregon coast, Oregon State Police said. Steven Gastelum of Seaside, Oregon, climbed a tree on the cliff’s edge along the Devil’s Cauldron Overlook Trail in Oswald West State...

Crews searching for teen hiker near Mount St. Helens

MOUNT ST. HELENS, Wash. (AP) — Search and rescue crews are searching for a 16-year-old hiker near Mount St. Helen’s Spirit Lake trail. The boy had been hiking with his family early Sunday and vanished after leaving the trail to use a restroom, KATU-TV reported. He had no phone or...

No. 2 Alabama's electric WR Waddle taking on bigger role

Jaylen Waddle has been one of the nation's most dangerous return men, and a big-play receiver since first stepping on the football field for Alabama.The only thing holding him back: Four star receivers, one ball. There's still only one ball for the second-ranked Crimson Tide, but Waddle is higher...

No. 2 Crimson Tide rolls on offense to 38-19 win over Mizzou

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Nick Saban has never lost a season opener while coaching Alabama.Then again, he'd never had one like this.Yet despite an offseason largely scrapped by the coronavirus pandemic, and a delayed start to the season, Saban's second-ranked Crimson Tide looked just fine as they...


Civil Rights Leaders Endorse Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor

The list of new endorsements include National Black Lives Matter activist and Campaign Zero Founder Deray Mckesson, civil rights attorney Bobbin Singh and others. ...

When Black Women's Lives Matter All Lives Will Matter

Brazen disregard for the lives and safety of Black women goes back over 400 years in U.S. history with the definition of Black women’s bodies as property at the complete disposal of white slave-owners ...

Sarah Iannarone Demands Action from Mayor Regarding Planned Right-Wing Demonstrations; Opens Safe Space for Portlanders

BIPOC, Queer, and other marginalized Portlanders will bear the brunt of these attacks simply because of their identity or the color of their skin. ...

National Bar Association Statement on Breonna Taylor Decision

Not only was justice not served, the desultory and insufficient result we received today was also unacceptably slow in manifesting. ...


Jury finds white nationalist guilty of rape threat

CONCORD, N.H (AP) — A self-proclaimed white nationalist who rose to prominence during a deadly 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was found guilty Monday by a federal jury of threatening to rape the wife of a man who was part of a racist group he felt was harassing and bullying...

Healthy US economy failed to narrow racial gaps in 2019

WASHINGTON (AP) — The solid growth that the United States enjoyed before the viral pandemic paralyzed the economy this spring failed to reduce racial disparities in Americans' income and wealth from 2016 through 2019, according to a Federal Reserve report Monday.Though Black and Hispanic...

Judge upholds GOP law making absentee voting harder in Iowa

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A judge refused to block a new Republican-backed Iowa law that makes it harder for county officials to process absentee ballot applications and more likely that incomplete requests won't be fulfilled.In an opinion dated Friday and released Monday, Judge Lars Anderson...


Steve Harvey talks show revival on Facebook Watch, NBC split

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Having his daytime talk show canceled by NBC last year hasn't stopped Steve Harvey.While he waited for a new opportunity, the comedian continued to make his presence regularly felt on TV as the host of “Family Feud” and as an emcee for multiple recurring...


Don't Call the Police for domestic disturbances
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By Deborah Feyerick and Kristina Sgueglia CNN

With defendant James "Whitey" Bulger sitting less than 8 feet away and staring straight ahead, a star government witness in the case against Bulger explained Monday why he turned against the man he long counted among "my partners in crime, my best friends."

Aging mobster John Martorano said he learned Bulger was an FBI informant, the worst thing you could be in "Southie," a part of Boston that prided itself on absolute loyalty.

"It broke my heart. It broke all loyalties," said Martorano, his testimony laced with what sounded like sadness.

Late Monday night, Bulger's defense filed a motion requesting that the court inform the jury that Martorano is a cooperating government witness and is testifying in exchange for a lesser sentence on murder charges. Martorano pleaded guilty to 10 murders in 1999 and later admitted to 20, so defense attorney J.W. Carney said the jury should be told to consider Martorano's testimony with caution.

Prosecutor Fred Wyshak responded Tuesday that the defense was "playing games" and said issuing a cautionary instruction mid-testimony would "send a very bad message to the jury."

Judge Denise Casper did not rule on the motion but said she would consider issuing instructions regarding nonspecific witnesses when the jury is read the final charges.

Bulger is charged in the deaths of 19 people during the nearly two decades that federal prosecutors say he was the head of the Irish mob in Boston.

For three decades, Martorano said, he was tight with Bulger and Bulger's partner, Steven Flemmi.

"They were my partners in crime, my best friends, my children's godfathers," said the 72-year-old divorced mobster who now lives on Social Security and who sold his life story in hopes of getting it made into a movie.

The men were so close, Martorano even named his youngest son "James Steven" after his two friends.

In a flat, emotionless voice, former hitman Martorano began to describe some of the murders he said he committed, several of them, he testified, with Bulger along.

Martorano said he was the trigger man while Bulger was backup to ensure the "hit" was successful.

In one case, Bulger used his car to block a target coming out a side street. Martorano, who said he was firing out the back window from another car during the incident, testified that Bulger "was afraid he was going to get shot because tracer bullets were coming out of the machine gun and flying over his head."

"Was he angry?" asked Wyshak, the prosecutor.

"No. He was joking about it," replied Martorano.

Martorano also described the killings of two brothers after one of them had angered Bulger's gang.

One brother was tracked down at a restaurant in Medford, Massachusetts, and "I shot him in the heart," Martorano said.

When the other brother was killed later, Bulger and his gang stashed the body in the trunk of a car then drove the car south and dropped it at a housing project in South Carolina where, as he had expected, "a few kids stole the car," Martorano said.

Under a plea deal, Martorano was sentenced to 14 years in prison in exchange for fully testifying against Bulger. He served 12 years and was released in 2007.

His testimony also was crucial against corrupt FBI agent John Connolly, who was found guilty in federal court on racketeering and obstruction-of-justice charges, among others.

Connolly served 10 years in federal prison and is now doing an additional 40 years in state prison after being found guilty for his role in the murder of Florida businessman and former World Jai Alai owner John Callahan.

Flemmi, Bulger's partner, is serving life terms without parole but avoided a possible death sentence by cooperating with federal authorities.

The connection between Bulger and Connolly also was the focus of Martorano's testimony Monday.

Martorano said Bulger grew up in the same Boston housing project as Connolly, who looked up to both Bulger and his brother William, who rose to serve as state Senate president in Massachusetts.

According to Martorano's testimony, when Connolly returned to Boston as an FBI agent, he thanked "Billy" Bulger for "keeping me honest" and told him "If there's anything I can do ..."

Billy Bulger said, "If you could keep my brother out of trouble, that would be a great help," according to Martorano.

Martorano testified that he, Whitey Bulger and the others agreed that Whitey would meet with Connolly and "be a good listener." It wasn't long before Whitey Bulger was giving Connolly money and buying gifts including unset diamonds for Connolly to give to his fiancee as an engagement present, Martorano said.

Prosecutors and law enforcement officials say it was the corrupt relationship between Whitey Bulger and Connolly that allowed Bulger's criminal enterprise to grow and even facilitated some murders.

The trial, which enters its fifth day Tuesday, is expected to take up to three months and has the potential to reveal sensational details about the mob and FBI corruption, especially if Bulger chooses to testify.

Bulger was in hiding for 16 years before he was captured in Santa Monica, California, two years ago, living under a false name with his girlfriend in an apartment.

At his July 2011 arraignment, he pleaded not guilty to the 19 murder charges and 13 other counts.

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