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No Sea Serpents, Mobsters but Tahoe Trash Divers Strike Gold

Scuba divers who spent a year cleaning up Lake Tahoe’s entire 72-mile shoreline have come away with what they hope will prove a valuable incentive

House Passes Bipartisan Update to Anti-Poverty Program Led by Bonamici, Thompson

The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program has not been updated since 1998.

Portland Unrest Drives Interest in 2 Congressional Primaries

The problems have given Republicans a megaphone and raised the stakes for Democrats as a crowded field of candidates vies to advance to November in a historically blue state

Congressional Black Caucus PAC Endorses Loretta Smith in Oregon’s 6th District

If elected, Loretta will be the state’s first Black member of Congress.


WA Childhood Immunization Rates Decline During Pandemic

Immunization rates have decreased by 13% in 2021 when compared to pre-pandemic level ...

Attorney General Rosenblum Warns Against Price Gouging of Baby Formula

This declaration will allow the Oregon Attorney General to take action against any business, or online vendor, who upsells the price...

WA High Court: Drivers Can Get DUIs for Driving While High

A decision that upholds the state’s decade-old law regulating marijuana use behind the wheel of a car. ...

Community Basketball Game and Discussion Events Work to Reduce Gun Violence

Basketball game features Black youth and police officers playing together ...

Oregon Community Foundation Reinvests Nearly Half a Million to Help Further Positive Impact of Black Student Success Initiative

Dozens of culturally led organizations foster and lift up Black youth, to promote educational equality and Black Student Success...

2 pleasure boats catch fire on Columbian River

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Two pleasure boats caught fire on the Columbia River between Vancouver and Caterpillar Island Sunday afternoon. One boat sank, according to the Vancouver Fire Department. The alarm was sounded at 2:39 p.m., the Columbian reported. Vancouver...

Student scuba diver dies during class at JBLM

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. (AP) — A scuba diver was found dead after he didn’t resurface during a class in American Lake on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The student diver, a veteran, was participating in a class for civilians, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s...


Can Federal Lynching Law Help Heal America?

Despite decades of senseless delays, this new law pushes America to finally acknowledge that racism often correlates to a level of violence and terror woven into the very fabric of this country. ...

The Skanner News Endorsements: May Primary 2022

Primary election day is May 17, 2022. Read The Skanner's endorsements for this important election. ...

Men’s Voices Urgently Needed to Defend Reproductive Rights

For decades, men in increasing numbers have followed women’s lead in challenging gender-based violence and promoting gender equality, so why are we stuck when it comes to abortion? ...

Burying Black Cemeteries: Off the Record

It is a tragedy when we lose a loved one. That tragedy is compounded when are unable to visit their final resting place to honor and remember them. ...


Buffalo shooter's prior threat, hospital stay under scrutiny

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — The white gunman accused of committing a racist massacre at a Buffalo supermarket made threatening comments that brought police to his high school last spring, but he was never charged with a crime and had no further contact with law enforcement after his release from a...

EXPLAINER: White 'replacement theory' fuels racist attacks

NEW YORK (AP) — A racist ideology seeping from the internet's fringes into the mainstream is being investigated as a motivating factor in the supermarket shooting that killed 10 people in Buffalo, New York. Most of the victims were Black. Ideas from the “great replacement theory"...

Travis Scott, Morgan Wallen hit Billboard Music Awards stage

Travis Scott and Morgan Wallen made controversial returns on the Billboard Music Awards stage on Sunday, while Mary J. Blige was honored for her musical excellence. Wallen performed in his first major awards show after he was caught on camera more than a year ago using a racial slur....


Actor Fred Ward, of 'Tremors,' 'The Right Stuff' fame, dies

NEW YORK (AP) — Fred Ward, a veteran actor who brought a gruff tenderness to tough-guy roles in such films as “The Right Stuff,” “The Player” and “Tremors,” has died. He was 79. Ward died Sunday, his publicist Ron Hofmann said Friday. No cause or place of death was...

Jesse Williams addresses leak of Broadway nude scene

NEW YORK (AP) — Jesse Williams vowed not to be discouraged after leaked video and images of his onstage nude scene in the Broadway play “Take Me Out” were posted online. “I’m not down about it. Our job is to go out there every night, no matter what,” Williams told The...

Back to normal? Cannes Film Festival prepares to party

After the 2020 Cannes Film Festival was canceled by the pandemic and the 2021 edition was scaled back — even kisses were forbade on the red carpet — the lavish French Riviera cinema soiree is set to return with a festival that promises to be something like normal. Or at least...


Convicted killer turned tech whiz confronts his sordid past

REHOVOT, Israel (AP) — When he was 20 years old, Harel Hershtik planned and executed a murder, shooting his...

McDonald's to sell its Russian business, try to keep workers

More than three decades after it became the first American fast food restaurant to open in the Soviet Union,...

Uyghur county in China has highest prison rate in the world

BEIJING (AP) — Nearly one in 25 people in a county in the Uyghur heartland of China has been sentenced to prison...

Burkina Faso fashion designers: More to nation than conflict

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) — Vibrant African clothes, both traditional and contemporary, enlivened the...

Johnson: UK will act on Northern Ireland rules if EU won't

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday renewed British threats to break a Brexit agreement with...

EU cuts forecast for economic growth as war's fallout widens

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union has slashed its forecasts for economic growth in the 27-nation bloc amid the...

Peter Valdes-Dapena CNN Money

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- For any automaker selling cars in America, Latinos are the future. They're the fastest growing ethnic group and, already, they buy one of every four cars sold here.

But, for now, this market is dominated by the Japanese.

Toyota holds the top spot with almost 18% of the Hispanic car market. Honda and Nissan rank second and third, according to data from the auto market research firm Polk. Meanwhile, the domestics are getting trounced. The top-ranked domestic brand, General Motors' Chevrolet, ranks fourth with about half the market share of Toyota.

Toyota credits a long history of marketing directly to Hispanic consumers for its success.

"I think the Hispanic consumer has been a longtime loyal consumer because we have been a longtime loyal listener," said Toyota Spokesman Luis Rosero. Toyota has long marketed to Hispanic Americans in both English and Spanish and has, for over 20 years, made a point of donating money to non-profit groups that work with Hispanics and African Americans, Rosero said.

The problem for Chevy, according to Rich Martinek who heads advertising for Chevrolet, has been less its ads than its cars.

Small cars, in particular, do well among Hispanic consumers. Asian automakers like Toyota, Honda and Nissan, have long been known for making good, inexpensive small cars. In fact, the two top-selling cars among Hispanics are the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic, according to Polk.

Up until recently, Chevrolet dealers had been selling cars that just couldn't compete, like Cobalts and Aveos, Martinek's said.

Those cars have now been replaced by the Chevrolet Cruze and Sonic. "These are really strong, competitive products," Martinek said of Chevy's new models.

Unlike the previous options, they have earned recommendations from Consumer Reports, which is generally regarded as the most influential magazine among car shoppers.

On another hopeful note, Hispanics actually like Chevrolet more than most Americans, Said Martinek. While about 29% of Americans overall think of Chevrolet cars as "excellent," more than 39% of Hispanics do, according to Chevrolet's own market research.

Still, Chevrolet's market share among Hispanics has not made much headway in recent years, according to Polk data.

Chevrolet says it's working hard to attract more Hispanic buyers.

But targeting a specific demographic can be a tightrope walk. While automakers strive to create culturally appropriate ads in English and Spanish for the Hispanic market, they have to make sure the ads still carry a consistent brand promise. Car buyers shouldn't see Chevrolet as standing for one thing in Spanish and another in English.

"Your brand is your brand," said Chiqui Cartagena, vice president of corporate marketing for the Spanish language TV network Univision and author of the book Latino Boom II.

Still, the brand should be culturally relevant, she said. The Hispanic market is different in ways that go beyond language, said Cartagena. Passions and emotional touch points are different and marketing has to reflect that.

Hispanics view the car shopping process differently, said Cartagena. First of all, it's viewed as something enjoyable, not as a dreaded but unavoidable descent into a world of contentiousness and deceit.

Second, it's not seen as an experience to be enjoyed by one person alone, she said.

"These auto buying experiences are more of a family experience," agreed Marc Bland, head of diversity and inclusion at Polk.

When it comes time for the new car to be delivered to the customer, often a whole family, including multiple generations, will be on hand at the dealership to see the keys getting handed over, he said.

Martinek is confident that Chevrolet will do better in the Hispanic market.

For one thing, the Chevrolet Silverado pickup, already the brand's top-selling product with Latinos, is about soon to be released in an all-new redesigned version.

"Between the small cars and the Silverado," he said, "we definitely have to grow."

Toyota isn't about to loosen its grip, though, said Rosero. This market has become too important to Toyota.

"It's had a measurable impact," he said, "and there's a bigger one down the road."


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