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Portland Black Community Frustrated as Violence Mars Protests

Black leaders condemn violence from small group of mostly-white activists as Rose City Justice suspends nightly marches

Protester Dies After Car Hits Two on Closed Freeway

Summer Taylor, 24, of Seattle died and Taylor and Diaz Love of Portland were injured. The driver, Dawit Kelete has been arrested

Police Union Contract Extended, Bargaining to Continue

Negotiations will resume in January 2021.

Inslee Heckled Off Stage During Tri-Cities Appearance

Speaking outdoors in Eastern Washington, the governor was repeatedly interrupted by hecklers as he urged residents to wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


Trump Blows His Twitter Dog Whistle on America’s Fair Housing Policies in the Suburbs

The president could be Tweeting on unemployment or COVID-19 infections but instead pushes housing discrimination ...

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Awards Historic $100,000 Founders' Centennial Scholarship

Zeta celebrates 100 years with largest single recipient scholarship awarded by a historically Black Greek-lettered sorority or...

Nominations Being Accepted for the Gladys McCoy Lifetime Achievement Award

Gladys McCoy Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 1994 to honor Multnomah County residents who have contributed outstanding...

Shatter, LLC Launches to Elevate Diverse Voices in Progressive Politics

A collaboration of leading female political strategists aims to fill a void in the world of political consulting ...

New Director Takes Helm at Oregon Black Pioneers

In its 27-year history, the organization has never had an executive director, and has expressed confidence and optimism in Zachary A....

Story of 2 families emerges after stone found in lake

EVELETH, Minn. (AP) — World War II veteran Laurie Rudolph Heikkila, a native of Embarrass, was laid to rest in the town’s East Pike Cemetery more than 30 years ago. A footstone there marks his grave.So, why did a grave marker engraved with his name emerge recently at the end of a...

Amid pandemic, fewer students seek federal aid for college

The number of high school seniors applying for U.S. federal college aid plunged in the weeks following the sudden closure of school buildings this spring — a time when students were cut off from school counselors, and families hit with financial setbacks were reconsidering plans for higher...

Iowa defensive back Jack Koerner hurt in jet ski accident

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Iowa defensive back Jack Koerner sustained serious injuries when he and a passenger on a jet ski collided with a boat on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.According to a police report, Koerner and Cole Coffin were hurt at about 6:30 p.m. Friday when their watercraft...

Missouri football program pushes again for racial justice

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Ryan Walters had just arrived at the University of Missouri to coach safeties for the football program when a series of protests related to racial injustice led to the resignations of the system president and the chancellor of its flagship campus.The student-led movement...


Editorial From the Publisher: Vote as Your Life Depends on It

The Republican-controlled Senate won’t pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, no matter how hard Oregon’s senators and others work to push for change. ...

Banana Republic or Constitutional Democracy? The US Military May Decide

Will the military, when and if the chips are down, acts in accord with the Constitution and not out of loyalty to its commander-in-chief? ...

To Save Black Lives, and the Soul of Our Nation, Congress Must Act Boldly

For too long, Black people in America have been burdened with the unjust responsibility of keeping ourselves safe from police. ...

Racial Inequalities - Black America Has Solutions; White America Won't Approve Them

The problem is we have to secure approval of the solutions from the people who deny the problem's existence while reaping the benefits from it. ...


'Lift Every Voice and Sing' hymn ignites hope across nation

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Black national anthem was born more than a century ago, but the popular hymn within the African American community called “Lift Every Voice and Sing” has resurrected a beacon of hope during nationwide protests.In recent weeks, countless rallies were held...

Damian Lillard emerges from shutdown ready for playoff push

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Grieving the death of a cousin and missing his mother, Damian Lillard struggled emotionally after the NBA shut down because of the coronavirus. But he also found inspiration in his activism for Black Lives Matter and his flourishing music career. The Trail Blazers were...

1 ad, 3 accents: How Democrats aim to win Latino votes

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Spanish-language ads for Joe Biden used the same slogan to contrast him with President Donald Trump — “los cuentos no pagan las cuentas,” a play on words that roughly means “telling stories won't pay the bills.”But the narrator for the...


Hugh Downs, genial presence on TV news and game shows, dies

NEW YORK (AP) — Hugh Downs, the genial, versatile broadcaster who became one of television’s most familiar and welcome faces with more than 15,000 hours on news, game and talk shows, has died at age 99.Downs died of natural causes at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Wednesday, said...

Review: A master class by Catherine Deneuve in 'The Truth'

Family may be the great subject of Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda, but he doesn't draw straightforward portraits. In Kore-eda's hands, family is more malleable. He tends to shift roles around like he's rearranging furniture, subtly remaking familiar dynamics until he has, without you knowing...

Union tells actors not to work on pandemic film 'Songbird'

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The union that represents film actors told its members Thursday not to work on the upcoming pandemic thriller “Songbird,” saying the filmmakers have not been up-front about safety measures and had not signed the proper agreements for the movie that is among...


Czech volunteers develop functioning lung ventilator in days

PRAGUE (AP) — Tomas Kapler knew nothing about ventilators — he’s an online business...

Spaghetti Western movie composer Ennio Morricone dead at 91

ROME (AP) — Ocar-winning Italian composer Ennio Morricone, who created the coyote-howl theme for the iconic...

Amid pandemic, fewer students seek federal aid for college

The number of high school seniors applying for U.S. federal college aid plunged in the weeks following the sudden...

India bans TikTok, other Chinese apps amid border standoff

NEW DELHI (AP) — Indian TikTok users awoke Tuesday to a notice from the popular short-video app saying the...

Thais bid addio to theater where they fell in love with film

BANGKOK (AP) — If Hollywood is where dreams are made, Bangkok’s Scala theater for the past 51 years...

US diplomat in Hong Kong says security law use a 'tragedy'

HONG KONG (AP) — The top American diplomat in Hong Kong said Monday that it is a “tragedy” to...

Heather Kelly CNN

(CNN) -- Internet shoppers could be one step closer to having to pay sales taxes on online purchases.

The U.S. Senate is expected to pass the the Marketplace Fairness Act in a vote on Monday, which will require all online retailers to collect sales taxes for the states where they ship goods. The act will still need to pass the GOP-led House before it can become a law.

Why is there no online sales tax now?

Until now, online shoppers have enjoyed buying items from e-commerce sites mostly sales-tax free. That's because older laws require stores to collect sales tax only on goods shipped to states where they have a physical presence, such as a distribution center or a physical store.

The primary reason for not requiring sales taxes for products sold across state lines is that it was just too complicated. Having to juggle the various sales tax laws and amounts for all 45 states that have sales tax was seen as a burden on businesses.

States that collect sales tax often have different rates depending on the type of goods being sold. Alcohol might have a higher sales tax rate while some goods like groceries dental equipment can be tax free. Within a state, cities and counties can charge additional taxes.

What's changed?

The most recent Supreme Court ruling that addressed the issue was in 1992, when Internet commerce was non-existent and computer software not as advanced.

Advocates for the online sales tax argue that current technology makes it possible to simplify and automate the task of collecting sales taxes for various states. Under the Marketplace Fairness Act, state governments that want to collect the tax will have to provide companies with free software for calculating taxes and set up one state entity to receive the payment.

Wait, aren't we required to pay sales tax already?

In most states with sales taxes, people who buy goods online (or over the phone or through the mail) from another state are subject to a Use Tax. They are supposed to keep track of everything they purchase and pay sales taxes when they file their tax return. Many consumers either ignore or are not aware of these requirements, and states say it is difficult to enforce.

Because people are already technically required to pay for unpaid sales tax, proponents of the bill argue that it isn't a new tax at all but a more efficient way of enforcing existing tax laws.

Who wants this tax?

The bill's supporters include big box retailers like Target, the National Retail Federation, e-commerce powerhouse Amazon, small brick and mortar business, a mix of republicans and democrats and President Obama.

Proponents say it will level the playing field for online and physical stores. Large retailers like Target have physical stores in most states and are already required to collect sales taxes for online sales. They argue that online-only retailers have an unfair advantage.

Until recently, Amazon was firmly against the online sales tax. But as the retailer has grown it's become interested in expanding it's physical operations into more states, making the way for faster and same-day delivery of goods. Now the company is a big supporter of the law, which will help it stay competitive against other online-only retires as it moves into more states.

Who's against it?

Online marketplace eBay is leading the charge against the tax, which could impact its many sellers who do more than $1 million in out-of-state sales annually. In a letter to eBay sellers, CEO John Donahoe suggested the law should exempt any business with fewer than 50 employees or that make less than $10 million a year on out-of-state sales.

Conservatives and anti-tax activists are also against the law and claim it will hurt online businesses. Smaller businesses that make more than the $1 million threshold claim it could still be costly to integrate a new accounting system, even with the proposed simplifications.

How much money will this bring in?

There were $225.5 billion in online sales in 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. States lost out on a combined $23 billion in uncollected sales tax revenue according to estimates from the National Conference of State Legislators.

What about states with no sales tax?

Five states currently have no state-wide sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. People who live in a state without sales tax won't be charged on goods they have shipped to their home state. However, businesses based in these states will have to collect sales taxes for items shipped to other places where there are sales taxes.

How much will I pay?

People in states that do have sales tax will pay the same amount of sales tax as you would buying an item in person at a local store. Sales tax rates are complicated and vary according to the type of product. To find out how much something will cost under this new law, choose a location and tax category on Tax Cloud's interactive map.

It will be possible to avoid sales taxes by buying from small out-of-state retailers making less than $1 million a year and not reporting use taxes when you file taxes.

When will it go into effect?

You don't need to start stockpiling goods from your favorite online stores just yet. There are still a few hurtles before states can start collecting sales tax on online purchases. The earliest it could go into effect is October 1, 2013.

After the vote on Monday, the bill will have to pass the House where it could face more resistance that it did in the Senate. If it does become a law, individual states will still have to meet some requirements before they can compel companies to pay state sales tax. They must simplify their tax processes and creating a single entity for collecting state taxes.

Twenty two states have already begun the process as part of the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, which is a move by states to simplify their tax laws and regulations.

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