The Skanner News - The Skanner Editorials Wed, 10 Feb 2016 20:15:58 -0800 MYOB en-gb (The Skanner News) Why Should We Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election? Publisher Bernie Foster says our Democracy isn't perfect but it matters   

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Happy New Year from The Skanner Happy New Year and a big Thank You 

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EDITORIAL: New Opportunity in the Marijuana industry The state must ensure licenses are available to everyone  

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The Skanner News Endorsements for Multnomah County Special Elections Check out our recommendations for Portland Public Schools Board, MESD and PCC Board. Don't forget to VOTE!   

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Editorial: Republicans’ Iran Meddling is Treason Secretary of State John Kerry has closed a deal with Iran that has observers wondering if he’ll win the Nobel Prize. But it almost failed

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EDITORIAL: Being Ambitious is No Crime  The Skanner News Editorial board defends the work of Loretta Smith   

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EDITORIAL: What’s on Our Holiday Wish List? Immigration Reform President Obama should sign an executive order that prevents families from being split up   

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Drop Off Your Ballot and Make Your Vote Count: Full List of Ballot Drop-Off Sites VOTE: Tuesday Nov. 4 is last day to have your say on drivers licenses for undocumented drivers; GMO labeling;legalizing marijuana; gun control; Senator and Governor's races....   



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EDITORIAL: Portland Police: A Tough Job But O'Dea Should Be Up to the Task Our opinion on Mayor Hales choice to succeed Chief Reese at the Portland Police Bureau      

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Editorial: More Heads Need to Roll at Veterans Administration Four administrators have been fired but the cultural problems go much deeper    

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Peacebuilding Requires Persistence and a Commitment to Keep on Trying With every death the prospects for peace recede. How many generations must be tainted by violence?

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Always Ask for Permission Before Using Any Name That’s Not Yours What is a name? Who owns it? Who can use it? What is it worth?

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Jack Graham: Wrongfully Accused The facts of his case are shocking and point to the fact that a handful of city officials have smeared his professional name using hearsay and a poorly-done 'investigation'


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The Skanner's Election Endorsements: May 2014 This year voters are spoiled for choice among a stellar field of candidates for Multnomah County and Portland City Council


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No Success Without Risk From all the fuss that’s been made over the closure of Quartet restaurant, you’d think the Titanic had sunk for the second time – not just a restaurant.

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