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Bernie Foster, Publisher of The Skanner
Published: 13 February 2008

Yes we can. That's the message Barack Obama's campaign is sending Americans. It's a simple message, but after eight dismal years of war, declining economic stability and a widening gap between rich and poor, it is a powerful message.
Yes we can: work together. Yes we can: build a workable health care system for all Americans. Yes we can: solve America's energy problems. Yes we can: create peace and justice instead of war. Yes we can: give every child a fair start in life.
As publisher of The Skanner, I have seen many political campaigns come and go over the years. But I have rarely seen such a high level of excitement about a candidate – among people of all races and ages.
Some leaders simply bring out the best in people. Obama is one of them.
Don't get me wrong. Hillary Clinton would make a competent president. I supported her husband, another gifted politician, and I have supported her in the past. John McCain is a man of principle – it just so happens we don't agree with his views on Iraq, foreign policy or economics. Clinton and Obama don't differ much when it comes to concrete policies. They both are highly intelligent. They both have experience creating political coalitions, and working to create change.
Where they are worlds apart is in the perspectives each would bring to the job in their ability to inspire and motivate others and in what their nomination tells the world about America.
Early in the nomination race, the Democratic establishment rallied behind Sen. Clinton. With all her connections and, to be fair, her hard won reputation for exacting concessions for the middle classes, Sen. Clinton looked like the best prospect for beating the Republicans. That is no longer true.
Sen. Obama brings a clean, fresh, new energy that is badly needed in our country. Obama brings the ability to inspire and unite people across political, racial, economic divides. Obama would restore America's standing internationally. Nominating Obama would tell the world that in America, excellent leaders come from all backgrounds.
After 12 years of Bush presidents and eight years of Clinton, do we really need another president from the same family? Is this what America is all about?
To the longtime civil rights leaders who have vocally supported Clinton, I have one thing to say. Move over. You've had your say. Now we need to support this new generation of leaders.
Right now America needs a new generation working together to solve our problems. America needs Obama.
Nominating Obama won't mean America has outgrown its legacy of racism. Nominating Obama will mean that Americans are determined to live up to our nation's demand for freedom and justice for all. We at The Skanner are endorsing Sen. Barack Obama and we encourage all of our readers to vote for him.

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