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Al-Fatiha even targets Islamic centers, where intolerance runs high

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Whenever Nicole Garcia visited gay-friendly churches with large numbers of Hispanic people in the congregation, she would check the brochures and other materials geared toward gay churchgoers and their families and usually find a common theme.


New software will reveal outline of body, objects in question

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Federal aviation officials are giving airport scanners another try. This time, they are not looking as closely under traveler's clothes. The Transportation Security Administration on Tuesday began testing a new, more modest body scanning system at three airports. They hope it will assuage critics' concerns that the nearly 500 full-body scanners at 78 airports reveal too much.


One to two feet are falling, paralyzing transport corridors

CHICAGO (AP) -- A massive storm billed as the worst in decades barreled toward the northeast Wednesday, leaving vast swaths from Chicago to New York paralyzed by snow and ice, stranding hundreds of motorists all night and shuttering airports and schools.


A new study sought of its potential heart risks

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Orexigen Therapeutics Inc. said Tuesday that U.S. health officials rejected its experimental weight loss pill Contrave and requested a new study of its potential heart risks


Rising industrial output has been a key driver for the economy

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Factory activity expanded in January at the fastest pace in nearly seven years, as manufacturers reported a sharp jump in new orders.


The storm could cover up to a third of the nation in brutal winter weather

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- As a monster storm began to bear down on the middle of the nation Tuesday, those in its frigid and dangerous path could only hope it wouldn't live up to the hype.


With two scary hits on a single Sunday -- and with the fines, attention and acrimony that followed -- Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison became the symbol of a season in which the NFL tried to make clear what is and isn't the right way to tackle.


Reduce daily sodium intake to little more than half a teaspoon

WASHINGTON (AP) — The government is telling half of the U.S. population to drastically cut their daily salt intake.
That's the advice to consumers — and the food industry — as the government issues new dietary guidelines, which are the recommendations behind the popular food pyramid.


Storm believed to be bigger than some Midwest cities have seen in years

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) -- A monster winter storm bigger than some Midwest cities have seen in years slogged toward the nation's midsection Monday as the region geared up its defenses against a potentially deadly mix of sleet, snow and ice.


Thomas Jefferson's 'nullification' gave states ultimate say in constitutional matters

BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- Republican lawmakers in nearly a dozen states are reaching into the dusty annals of American history to fight President Obama's health care overhaul.


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