10 01 2014
  11:17 am  

Top Docs Say Get Your Flu Shots for Fall

Unclear why Latinos, African Americans are hit harder by H1N1 virus

African Americans and Latinos may run a higher risk of catching the H1N1 "swine flu," according to a study by Boston Public Health. The study found both groups were more likely to catch the flu and also twice as likely to be hospitalized for flu complications ...
So what is going on here? Puzzled health experts are analyzing the data for answers and speculating that high rates of other risk factors ...

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Multiple Tactics Used to Woo Teens to Fight in Somalia

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ One young man attended secret meetings in Minneapolis. Another got a phone call, urging him to leave Minnesota and go to Somalia to fight. Terrorist training videos featuring English speakers pepper YouTube, calling others to the cause. Details are emerging about how terrorists in Somalia have lured young American men back to their homeland to join their jihad ...

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Youngest Guantanamo Prisoner Released After Case Unravels

A minor when arrested, confession was likely coerced

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- A Guantanamo prisoner once charged with wounding two U.S. soldiers and their interpreter was back home in Afghanistan Monday, months after a war crimes case against him unraveled when a military judge ruled his confession was coerced.

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Analysis -- the Cost of Incarceration

Today, a brutal recession which dictates the need to cut budgets and proof that mass incarceration does not reduce crime is changing conversations in legislative halls around the country. Some politicians, who in the past have only paid attention to fearful constituents who want to make sure people who commit crimes are locked up, are beginning to consider alternatives to imprisonment.

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