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The Skanner News Favorite Dishes

The Mediterranean region has given us many popular dishes including: Ratatouille  -- a medley of tomatoes, eggplant, onion, zukini and tomato, sometimes topped with cheese; Paella  – rice, simmered with onions, green beans and seafood or lentils or chicken; Greek salad -- tomato, cucumber, green pepper, black olives, red onion, flat leaf parsley and cubes of feta cheese with an olive oil and vinegar dressing flavored with oregano ...

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Your Weight Control Workout

People who choose the Mediterranean diet can eat satisfying, filling meals full of great nutrition, and still lose weight. While it is not low in fat, it is good for your health and for weight loss. Dr Miles Hassell does not recommend switching to low-fat or diet foods, he says, because fat is what satisfies your appetite. People tend to eat more in the end when they restrict themselves to low-fat diets ...

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Switching It Up: From Junk Food to Just Food

You don't have to make every night Spanish, Moroccan or Greek night in order to eat the Mediterranean way and get the health benefits of the diet. What's essential is to increase the amount and variety of vegetables in your diet, switch to olive oil for cooking, sauces and salad dressings and move away from processed and commercially produced foods -- loaded with sugar and unhealthy fat -- toward healthy alternatives ...

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Your Health Friends and Foes

Diet Friends: Chocolate Choose the dark chocolate – 70 percent cocoa or more— to get health benefits including lower blood sugar and lower blood pressure. The Catch? We have to limit ourselves to just a couple of squares a day. Fruit. When you need a sweet treat, any whole fruit is good for you ...

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Why Eat the Mediterranean Way?

A photograph of a colorful produce section flashed onto the large screen in a classroom at Providence St Vincent Medical Center. "Here's a medicine cabinet," said Dr. Miles Hassell. "In case you haven't seen one recently." Dr. Hassell was talking to an audience of health professionals and people with diabetes, about the powerful impact of a Mediterranean-style whole foods diet – along with exercise – on health ...

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