The Skanner News - Health Sat, 01 Aug 2015 13:07:30 -0700 MYOB en-gb (The Skanner News) Few Sickle Cell Patients Receive Beneficial Drug Study finds medication helps reduce painful episodes   

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Landmark Study Seeks to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease The breakthrough A4 study at OHSU seeks to stop Alzheimer's disease before it starts   

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Couch-to-Starlight Program Trains Lifelong Runners Legacy Health will train novice athletes to run in the Legacy Health Starlight Run  

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CDC: Toddler Food Often Has Too Much Salt, Sugar Added sugars, including high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and glucose, raised concerns because they boost calorie totals without health benefits   

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Why Blacks are More Likely to Die From Colon Cancer Researchers say the disparity has less to do with race than with the quality of care

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Is There More to See in Your Family Tree? Find out if glaucoma runs in your family   

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Now is the Time to Get Tested for Glaucoma Find out if glaucoma runs in your family   

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Simplify Holidays with Alzheimer's Patients Consider every event from the point of view of your family member who has disease or another dementia, even happy events can be terrifying  

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Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Diabetic Eye Disease Tips to help you set your sights on healthy vision   

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African Union Chief Asks Donors to Support Universal Healthcare for Africans The Ebola crisis highlights needs for transportation, medical equipment and personnel to fight the pandemic and other diseases   

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Investigations Underway to See if Disease Sickening Children Has Reached Seattle Hundreds of children in the Midwest have been hospitalized with a severe respiratory illness  

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Concussions a Greater Problem for Black Youth Federal government estimates that 5.3 million U.S. citizens are living with disability as a result of a traumatic brain injury such as an untreated sports concussion


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First Lady Defends Healthy School Lunch Plan Michelle to Republicans: Don’t play politics with our kids health 

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Community Health Workers Step Up for Afrocentric Training Urban League, Capacitation Center build core group of African and African American community health workers for the expanding health care economy


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Healthy Food: Meatless Monday with Potatoes
Fabulous recipes

Join the national Meatless Monday campaign and pledge to reduce your meat intake, one Monday at a time. It's a fun way to explore meatless eating

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