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About That Car: 2014 Chevrolet Impala

Inside, the Impala features Chevrolet’s dual cockpit layout. The black interior had a French-stitched folded layer motif that cascaded down from the very top of the dashboard at the base of the windshield. One instrument pod held the odometer while the other housed the speedometer. In between the two was a TFT (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) information screen. However, unlike more and more brands, Chevrolet did not rely on TFTs to simulate the instruments in front of the driver. Turn off the Impala’s ignition and the fuel gauge, engine temperature and other analogue gauges were still there

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Car of the Week: 2013 Volvo C30 T5 M R-Design

The Swedish racing shop that has been tuning Volvos since 1996 to add new and zestier products to its lineup. R-Design Volvos have been tuned by Polestar. In the case of the C30, that means the 2.5-liter five cylinder 227 horsepower engine has been bumped up to 250 horsepower. What Volvo calls “Rebel Blue Paint” is a love it or hate it hue but it gets as much attention as a red Ferrari. And the black alloy wheels gave the car a race track raw look.

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About that car: 2013 Volvo C30 T5 M R-Design

The Volvo C30 T5 M R-Design represents a not so characteristic flare by the conservative Swedish automaker. Not being able to completely break from its legendary pragmatism, Volvo’s C30 could carry four adults comfortably, even though the car looked like it would have trouble getting anything bigger than a couple of bags of groceries in the back seat.

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