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Black Dollars Matter: The Sales Impact of Black Consumers

Black consumers are spending jumi.2 trillion annually and are demanding that brands speak to them in ways that resonate...

Guest Opinion: Skipper Osborne’s Testimony on HB 4005

In testimony to legislature, Osborne says bill could decrease access to important therapies ...

Celebrating Diversity at PCC

President of Portland Community College's Cascade Campus reflects on recent vandalism and the uptick in public racism and sexism ...

Trump’s Parade Plan Is a Waste of Money

Julianne Malveaux on the many things that could be done with million ...



 Oregon Black Political Convention
The Oregon Black Political Convention

Oregon Black Political Convention Purpose

The purpose of this convention is twofold. One is to serve as a forum for delegates to discuss issues and conditions, and to establish, through resolutions, the positions of the Black Community, collectively, on these issues and conditions affecting it. The other is to endorse candidates running for public offices during the Primary Election, who are sensitive and responsive to the issues and conditions of Blacks in Oregon.

The Oregon Black Political Convention (OBPC) is a nonpartisan convention. It is held during the spring of election years and is hosted by the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA) through its Political Action Committee. The convention is statewide in its focus.

OBPC is open to the public. Any individual or organization addressing the concerns of Blacks in Oregon may be a delegate to the convention. The business of the convention is carried out by the delegates. The actions and endorsements of the Oregon Black Political Convention are the positions of the convention and not those of the Oregon Assembly For Black Affairs (OABA).


OBPC Campaign Support Committee

The OBPC Campaign Support Committee (CSC) is a subsidiary and political arm of the Oregon Black Political Convention. The purpose of this committee is to raise and distribute campaign funds to candidates endorsed by the Oregon Black Political Convention that is hosted by the Political Action Committee of the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA). Its decisions shall be independent of OABA.


2016 OBPC Date And Location

When: The 2016 Oregon Black Political Convention (OBPC) will be held on April 22-24, 2016

Where: Crowne Plaza Portland Convention Center
1441 NE 2nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97232

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