The Skanner Newspaper - People Mon, 22 Sep 2014 09:02:25 -0700 MYOB en-gb (The Skanner Newspaper) Fomer Miami Heat Dancer Finds Success With Vixen Workout The Vixens' slogan is 'Stay hungry, live fierce'  

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Kam Williams' Celebrity Interview: Darryl And Tracy Strawberry Kam interviews Darryl and Tracy Strawberry about their new book, "The Imperfect Marriage".

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Don Lemon: Anchoring the National Conversation on Race Kam Williams talks to Don Lemon about Ferguson and how the media reported on Michael Brown's shooting    

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Kam Williams Celebrity Interview: Rosie Perez The actress talks to Kam about her new autobiography, “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life”

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Portland Comedy: Whitney Streed and Jen Tam Host Diverse Array of Comics Check out the awesome comics at Jen Tam's "Am I right Ladies?" and Whitney Streed's Weekly Humor Night at Tonic Lounge 

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Brian 'Astro' Bradley: The 'Earth to Echo' Interview 'A young black male who’s going to take over the world'



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Kam Williams Celebrity Interview: Michael Ealy Ealy has worked with Oprah, Spike Lee, Will Smith and played Malcolm X in The History Channel's The People Speak   

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The Limited Showcases Kerry Washington's Scandalous Style Fashion collection will go on sale in late September  

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Lupita Nyong'o Tells Vogue Time Stood Still at Oscars Nyongo feared she would trip on her way to podium

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Actress Ruby Dee Dead at 91 Her long career brought her an Oscar nomination at age 83 for best supporting actress for her maternal role in the 2007 film 'American Gangster'


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Who Pays For First Lady's Fabulous Fashions? Her style runs from high-street fashion to five-figure designer gowns  

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Kam's Celebrity Interview: Amma Asante Amma Asante has just directed Belle, based on a true story about a Black woman raised as a British aristocrat in the 18th Century 

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Sterling’s Disastrous “Sorry I'm Not Sorry” and Other Classic Non-Apologies Donald Sterling is not the first celebrity to turn an apology into another insult  

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Photos From Chris Brown Bodyguard Trial Released Photos show Chris Brown posing with girls and the victim after the assault 

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Chris Brown Assault Case Goes Forward Singer Chris Brown's assault case is going forward after a judge in Washington on Monday rejected a request to dismiss it.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Singer Chris Brown's assault case is going forward after a judge in Washington on Monday rejected a request to dismiss it.

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