06 26 2016
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Nathan Brannon

PHOTO: Nathan Brannon will perform Aug. 27, the final night of Weekly Humor at the Tonic Lounge

Portland's reputation for comedy continues to grow, with upcoming shows featuring a diverse array of talent. Don't miss the awesome talent at Jen Tam's "Am I right Ladies?" July 19 (and every third Saturday) and Whitney Streed's Weekly Humor Night at Tonic Lounge, which runs every Wednesday through August 27. 

"Am I Right, Ladies?" is a monthly stand-up set produced by local comic and visual artist Jen Tam. As the name suggests, comics in the show aim to provide a hilarious antidote to racism and sexism. Without a home after the closure of one of Portland's few all-ages venues, Backspace, the show has found a new home at Ford Food and Drink, and runs every third Saturday.This month's comics include: Katie Rose Leon, Christian Ricketts, Dinah Foley, Sister Brattney, Katie Nguyen, Manuel Hall, Tim Ledwith, and Ash Casteman, plus music by the ethereal female-fronted two-piece Oro Azoro (https://www.facebook.com/oroazoro).

What - Am I Right, Ladies? - A Totally Radical Feminist Showcase

When - Saturday, July 19, 2014. Doors open at 7:30pm. Show starts at 8:00pm.

Where - Ford Food and Drink, 2505 SE 11th Ave. #101, Portland, OR 97202

Cost - Suggested donation $3-5. No one turned away. All Ages.


What: Weekly Humor Night at the Tonic Lounge

When: Wednesdays through August 27.  Doors open at 9pm. Show starts at 9:30 pm. Open mic following the show, starts at 11:30 pm.

Where: The Tonic Lounge, 3100 N.E. Sandy Blvd.

Cost: Suggested donation $3 to $5.

On the Schedule

July 16: Kristine Levine! Plus Art Krug, David Mascorro, Christen Manville, Amanda Arnold, Crystal Davis, Matt Styner, Andy Schanz, hosted by Whitney Streed.

July 23: Amy Miller, Cody McCullar, Iris Gorman, Tristian Spillman, Danny Felts, Trevor Thorpe, Nic Goans, Cara Parker King, hosted by Whitney Streed.

July 30: Christian Ricketts! Plus  Shane Torres, Jon Washington, Steven Wilber, Katie Rose Leon, Jason Traeger, Brian Nickerson, Laila Hamdan, hosted by Whitney Streed.

August 6: Mystery mix of comics.

August 13: Anthony Lopez! Plus Barbara Holm, Nick Walker, Sean Connery, Rebecca Waits, Deirdre Lyons-Keefe, Lauryn Pithey-Petrie, Andy MacDonald, hosted by Whitney Streed.

August 20: Tim Hammer! Plus Adam Pasi, Adam Dahl, Dan Weber, Manuel Hall, Patrick Perkins, Caitlin Weierhauser, Steve Magnuson, Crystal Kordowski, hosted by Whitney Streed.

August 27: Final week featuring Nathan Brannon, Jimmy Newstetter, Jen Allen, Anthony Lopez, Sean Jordan, Kristine Levine, Lonnie Bruhn, Kyle Harbert, Bri Pruett, Phil Schallberger, and Ira Novos. Hosted and headlined, by Whitney Streed.

Find more upcoming events and comedy shows at the Pdx Comedy blog

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  • ST. LOUIS (AP) — A draft of the Democratic Party's policy positions reflects the influence of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign: endorsing steps to break up large Wall Street banks, advocating a $15 hourly wage, urging an end to the death penalty. Hillary Clinton's supporters turned back efforts by Sanders' allies to promote a Medicare-for-all single-payer health care system and a carbon tax to address climate change, and freeze hydraulic fracking. While the platform does not bind the Democratic nominee to the stated positions, it serves as a guidepost for the party moving forward. Party officials approved the draft early Saturday. The Democratic National Convention's full Platform Committee will discuss the draft at a meeting next month in Orlando, Florida, with a vote at the convention in Philadelphia in late July. Sanders said Friday he would vote for Clinton, the presumptive nominee, in the fall election, but so far has stopped short of fully endorsing the former secretary of state or encouraging his millions of voters to back her candidacy. The Vermont senator has said he wants the platform to reflect his goals — and those representing him at a St. Louis hotel said they had made progress. "We lost some but we won some," said James Zogby, a Sanders supporter on the committee. "We got some great stuff in the platform that has never been in there before." Added Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., a Sanders ally: "We've made some substantial moves forward." Deliberating late into Friday, the group considered language on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, an issue that has divided Democrats. The committee defeated an amendment led by Zogby that would have called for providing Palestinians with "an end to occupation and illegal settlements" and urged an international effort to rebuild Gaza. The draft reflects Clinton's views and advocates working toward a "two-state solution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict" that guarantees Israel's security with recognized borders "and provides the Palestinians with independence, sovereignty, and dignity." In many cases, Clinton's side gave ground to Sanders. The document calls for the expansion of Social Security and says Americans should earn at least $15 an hour, referring to the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour as a "starvation wage," a term often used by Sanders. Sanders has pushed for a $15-an-hour minimum wage. Clinton has supported efforts to raise the minimum wage to that level but has said states and cities should raise the bar as high as possible. Sanders' allies wanted the draft to specify calls for a $15 per hour minimum wage indexed with inflation. Clinton's side struck down a direct link, noting the document elsewhere included a call to "raise and index the minimum wage." The committee also adopted language that said it supports ways to prevent banks from gambling with taxpayers' bank deposits, "including an updated and modernized version of Glass-Steagall." Sanders wants to reinstate the Depression-era Glass-Steagall Act, which prohibited commercial banks from engaging in investment banking activities. Clinton does not, but says her proposed financial changes would cast a wider net by regulating the banking system. Also in the draft is a call for the abolition of the death penalty. Clinton said during a debate this year that capital punishment should only be used in limited cases involving "heinous crimes." Sanders said the government should not use it. Sanders, a vociferous opponent of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, was unable to get language into the document opposing the trade deal. As a result, the party avoided an awkward scenario that would have put the platform at odds with President Barack Obama. Clinton and Sanders have opposed the deal. Committee members backed a measure that said "there are a diversity of views in the party" on the pact and reaffirmed that Democrats contend any trade deal "must protect workers and the environment." In a setback for Sanders, the panel narrowly rejected amendments that would have imposed a tax on carbon and imposed a national freeze on fracking. The panel deliberated for about nine hours following several late nights and long hours of policy exchanges between the two campaigns and the Democratic National Committee. Sanders, in a statement, said he was "disappointed and dismayed" that the group voted down the measure opposing the TPP. But he was pleased with the proposals on Glass-Steagall and the death penalty — and vowed to fight on. "Our job is to pass the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party," he said.
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  • VIDEO: Vermont senator says he will vote for Clinton if she wins nomination                  
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  • Nearly half of advisory panel members have ties to drug companies      
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