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"Terrorism 101" (Outskirts Press, $85) provides an insightful and educational read into the "nuts and bolts" of terrorism.
Terrorism is not a new trend, and Leon Newton shows that terrorism has existed for as long as governments have been in place. He points to historical accounts of terrorism that go back to such early periods as 334 B.C.
"Terrorism 101" offers readers a detailed account of the history of terrorism, the role of media and terrorism, the historical roots of terrorism, countering terrorism, foreign policies and their influence on terrorism and a historical account of the formation of Al Qaeda. A thoroughly researched reference book, "Terrorism 101" presents an enlightened perspective on terrorism and an in-depth appendix and bibliography provides readers with many works written by other experts in the field of terrorism.
With so much written about terrorism, it is often difficult to research the topic to gain an understanding of the moves behind it. Newton provides readers with well-researched and factually documented information that helps one understand the various aspects of terrorism. It is a handy tool for those seeking to educate themselves about the many issues concerning terrorism.
Much like the "war on drugs," the declaration of "war on terror" and the use of preemptive strikes reveal an unrealistic ideal. The Preemptive Strike Doctrine only fuels the spread of terrorism.  By addressing historical and current events, Newton points out that "modernizing a culture too fast can lead to a proliferation of terrorists, as those who feel marginalized, powerless and threatened" become easy prey for terrorist organizations seeking new recruits.

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