10 25 2014
  2:13 pm  

Book Review: Create Dangerously

In 1818, Victor Cousin, as a visiting lecturer at the Sorbonne in Paris, coined the phrase "Art for art's sake," thus introducing the then novel notion that art ought to be appreciated on its own merits, meaning simply for its intrinsic beauty independent of serving any didactic function.

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Children's Book Illustrates Jimi Hendrix's Formative Years

Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970) was a flamboyant rock icon who flamed out instead of fading away due to his also being a substance abuser who dabbled in everything from alcohol to marijuana to amphetamines to hashish to heroin to LSD before succumbing at the tender age of 27 to a combination of red wine and sleeping pills.
Ostensibly enough time has elapsed since his passing that Hendrix can now serve as a role model to children

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Mcmillan 'Getting Happy' with 'Exhale' Sequel

If you've been holding your breath for the sequel to novelist Terry McMillan's literary blockbuster, "Waiting to Exhale," it's time to let go and release all that pent up oxygen. In her new book, "Getting to Happy," McMillan picks up the stories of Savannah, Gloria, Bernadine, and Robin 15 years after we last heard from them.

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Book Review: Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man?

Faithful readers are well aware of how exasperated this critic has become about the recent flood of relationship advice books aimed at the African-American demographic. The latest contribution to the burgeoning genre is this how-to tome written from the female perspective by a couple of cutie pies who have a bone or two to pick with comedian Steve Harvey's best seller on the subject.

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