The Skanner Newspaper - Books Mon, 01 Sep 2014 06:42:57 -0700 MYOB en-gb (The Skanner Newspaper) The Skanner Reviews: Americanah; When I Say Jump and Fortune and Fame Summer reading for adult readers 

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‘What the Word Be: Why Black English Is the King’s (James) English,’ Kam reviews Diane Proctor Reeder's book on Ebonics  

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Time-Traveler Helps Sweethearts Battle Intergenerational Curse If By Chance is the second novel from Portland writer D’Norgia Taylor. And like her first, Sting Beans and Candy Canes, it features time travel, romance and a battle between good and evil. 

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Seattle’s Mahogany Project Takes on Homelessness A portion of the sales from spoken word CD 'Humanity' will provide art education to homeless youth in the Seattle area

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Kam Williams Reviews Book on Soul Train Don Cornelius was a class act… a strong black man with dignity and character and integrity... “Love! Peace! And Soooooouuuuuul!” I loved to hear him say that…

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Book Review: “Jack Strong Takes a Stand” Kam reviews the children's book “Jack Strong Takes a Stand”   by Tommy Greenwald

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Book Review of (1)ne Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race Kam Williams Reviews (1)ne Drop:Shifting the Lens on Race. Edited by Yaba Blay, Ph.D. with photography by Noelle Theard

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James McBride Wins National Book Award James McBride's The Good Lord Bird,” the comic and terrifying adventures of a disguised black child caught up in John Brown's abolitionist crusade, was the winner Wednesday night of the National Book Award for fiction.

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Kam Williams reviews "No Place for Race" by Rodney Demery Book: No Place for Race: Why We Need to Address Economic and Social Factors That Are Crushing Us Every Day 

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Book: The Laws of the New Game Changers by Raye Mitchell
How to Make Breakthrough Impacts That Take You Forward

We can't all earn MBAs and law doctorates, or work with actor Hill Harper –but we can learn from someone who's been there and done that.  In The Laws of the New Game Changers, Raye Mitchell shares what she's learned in her 30-year career in business, law and the entertainment industry.  

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Walidah Imarisha Turns Pain Into Beauty with 'Scars/Stars'
Renowned activist, educator and spoken word artist releases her first full length poetry book

Walidah Imarisha envisioned a full length poetry book, "Scars/Stars", over a decade ago. Since then, she has been all across the country, doing justice work, documenting her experiences.

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Harlem Street Portraits, by Harvey Stein Harlem has been a predominantly African-American neighborhood since the dawn of the 20th Century, when the mass migration by descendants of slaves from the rural South flooded many a metropolis above the Mason-Dixon Line. By the Twenties, this section of Manhattan had blossomed into an artistic mecca and home to many black intellectuals, writers, painters, musicians and dancers.

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Books: Jesmyn Ward's 'Men We Reaped' -- Real People Impacted by the Crash of Race and Class
Her story unfolds in a narrative that slowly circles, then in the end plunges to the heart of her life's realization

Ward has pulled herself up from the devastated mud bays of the Mississippi Gulf Coast to make her mark on New York City's pampered literary elite by telling the stories of real people, really impacted by the crash of nature, race and class.

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Book: Meet Three Women Artists Who Changed Your Life
Harlem Nocturne by Farah Jasmine Griffin

In Harlem Nocturne, Farah Jasmine Griffin tells the stories of three black female artists whose creative and political efforts fueled the American movement for civil rights: choreographer and dancer Pearl Primus, composer and pianist Mary Lou Williams, and novelist Ann Petry. 

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Is America Living in 'Fear of a Hip Hop Planet?'
Donald Jones says hip-hop culture is the battleground for new, 'colorblind' racism

Donald Jones latest book, "Fear of a Hip Hop Planet" will undoubtedly evoke images of Public Enemy's 1990 classic. The decision was very much intentional.

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