07 05 2015
  2:29 am  
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The City of Camas solicits interest from consulting firms with expertise in Civil Engineering related to water system planning associated with the above-referenced project.  This work shall consist of  1) updating the City of Camas Water System Plan, 2) conducting a condition assessment of existing system facilities such as booster stations, wells, PRVs, etc., and 3) updating the Water System Operations and Maintenance Manual. The City is looking for specific experience in water master planning, hydraulic modeling and asset condition assessments and knowledge of the Washington State Department of Health regulations regarding water system planning. The consultant will take the lead position in the Water System Plan, but will be part of a team including all relevant City of Camas departments.


The City of Camas has budgeted water funds generated from revenues to complete this project.  The current Water System Plan was adopted by the City Council on June 21st, 2010, and is available on the City’s website www.cityofcamas.us.  The Water System Operations and Maintenance Manual (O&M) was completed in November 2009.  The 2015 plan updates will be a revision to the existing 2010 Water System Plan and 2009 O&M Manual.  Some sections will be completely rewritten, while others will only require minor modifications. The City now wants to secure a contract with a consultant team to perform the complete update of the Water System Plan including the Water Use Efficiency Program and Water System Emergency Response Plan found within.  In addition, the City would like the selected consultant to conduct a condition assessment of the water system and document the assessment into an asset condition report, and update the existing O&M Manual.

The City water system currently consists of two surface water sources at Boulder and Jones creek located approximately nine miles from the city center, one Slow Sand Filter Water Treatment System (currently under construction), ten groundwater wells, and approximately 130 miles of distribution and transmission piping.  The City is experiencing increased growth in development and anticipates this growth to continue in the near future.

Technical questions regarding this Request for Qualifications may be directed to Sam Adams at (360) 817-7003 or by email at sadams@cityofcamas.us.

The work to be performed by the selected consultant is broken down into the following tasks:

1) Condition Assessment phase will include, but not necessarily be limited to: • Peer review of any condition assessment completed to date including existing as-built plans. • Field verification of water system features excluding reservoirs.  Field verification will exclude physical evaluation of reservoirs themselves, but will include inspection and documentation of assets located within the reservoir sites. Field verification will include GIS locating and photo assessment. • Coordination with city staff on accessing system locations. • Preparation of prioritized preliminary and final Water System Condition Assessment Reports including recommendations for system upgrades and cost estimates to repair, replace or upgrade systems.

2) Water System Operations and Maintenance Manual will include, but not necessarily be limited to: • Updating Chapters 1 through 5 and Appendixes A through J. It is anticipated that updates to these Chapters and Appendixes will not require major revisions. • Include new water system components that have been incorporated since November 2009 O&M manual. • Update photographs and figures used in the document. • Coordinate with City staff and other departments as necessary.

3) Water System Plan Update may include, but not necessarily be limited to: • Preparation of update plan consistent with Washington State Department of Health (DOH) requirements specified in Washington Administrative Code Chapter 246-290. • Update design and construction standards as needed. • Evaluation of water quality and treatment needs as well as the potential impact of new and future water regulations on the City’s operations. • Description of the City’s operation and maintenance program. • Preparation of comprehensive plan figures and maps. • System reliability analysis. • Existing and future source, distribution and storage systems optimization. • Existing and future high use commercial/industrial demands. • Source, storage and water rights analysis. • Hydraulic modeling and fire flow needs • Material preparation for public meetings and hearings. • Assist the City with DOH and public comments.

Description of Current Issues • Improvements to storage, transmission and distribution to supply the 544, 542, and 455 pressure zones. • Development of Stiegerwald regional well field with City of Washougal. • Growth and water demands in the North Urban Growth Area (NUGA).

Model Information The existing water model (MWSoft H2O) has undergone recent updates.  It is not anticipated that there will be significant work associated with updating of the model.  It is anticipated that the chosen consultant will work with the City’s model using demand scenarios developed with this plan update to evaluate system deficiencies and determine future capital needs.

SUBCONSULTANTS The City of Camas currently contracts with S&B Incorporated for all SCADA system design and maintenance for our water system. Consultants submitting proposals are encouraged to include S&B Incorporated on their team or if selected to contract with S&B Incorporated for SCADA system analysis.


These instructions were developed to aid in response development. They also provide for a structured format so reviewers can systematically evaluate several responses. Each copy of the response package must include all of the sections in the order indicated.  Attachments should be clearly referenced and identified to facilitate the review process.  Each response shall include:

1. Cover Letter This letter should designate the individual authorized to represent the proposing consultant regarding this RFQ and should summarize the key points of the RFQ.

2. Project Approach Describe the project team’s approach to preparation of the Plan updates to the Water System Plan, Water System O&M Manual and Condition Assessment Report.  Describe the firm’s understanding of the requirements, what the major issues specific to the project will be, and a listing of the major tasks that will be performed, and the approach to perform the tasks.

3. Project Team Describe each team member’s role and directly-relevant experience including an organizational chart.

4. Relevant Project Experience and References Clearly indicate the firm’s experience in water system master planning and experience in working collaboratively with a client’s staff.  Experience and references must include other comprehensive water plans similar to the proposed project, including a brief summary of the work performed including size and general description of the client’s water system, with client name, address, contact person, and telephone number. Experience and references should also include any relevant project experience in Water System O&M Manual development and completion of the Condition Assessments.

5. Sample Work Submit one electronic copy on a CD, DVD or thumb drive of a recently-completed and approved water comprehensive plan for review.

Evaluation Criteria

1. Expertise - 40% Experience and qualifications of the primary people assigned to the project in performing similar work; demonstrated abilities in the individuals’ assigned roles, education, training, and credentials.

2. Project Understanding  and Approach - 30% Apparent understanding of the tasks required to complete the plan update and the skills and expertise needed to perform the tasks. 

3. Relevant Project Experience - 20% Consultant’s relevant experience with similar sized projects and level of complexity.

4. Other Factors - 10% Reputation of firm, past experience of firm, references, proximity, availability, responsiveness, quality/accuracy of RFQ and other factors that the reviewers consider relevant.

Consultants are encouraged to submit their statements in the format and order of the above listed submittal criteria.  Please limit the size of submittals, including tables of contents, appendices, illustrations, charts, graphs, cover letters, and any other information, to 24 pages or up to 10 double-sided sheets with text no smaller than size 10 font on 8 ½” x 11” paper.  Two additional 11”x 17” sheet is allowed as part of submittal. Please do not submit cost proposals at this time.

The City of Camas encourages disadvantaged, minority, and women-owned consultant firms to respond.

Consulting firm is not presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded by any State or Federal department or agency.

Please submit FOUR identical copies of your Statement of Qualifications to: City of Camas, attention: Sam Adams, Utilities Manager, (site address) 616 NE 4th Avenue, Camas, WA 98607, by July 8, 2015 no later than 4:00PM.  No submittals will be accepted after that date and time.  Any questions regarding this project should be directed to Sam Adams at sadams@cityofcamas.us or 360-817-7003.

Persons with disabilities may request that this information be prepared and supplied in alternate forms by calling collect 1-360-834-6864.

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