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April 24 is Voter Registration Deadline for May 15 Primary Election

Tuesday, April 24, is voter registration and party choice deadline for May 15 Primary Election ...

Portland Libraries Celebrate National Poetry Month

April poetry events and recommended reading from Multnomah County libraries ...

PCRI Launches the Pathway 1000 Implementation Plan

Pathway 1000 a bold and ambitious 10-year displacement mitigation initiative ...

AG Rosenblum Launches New Resource on Oregon’s New Gun Safety Laws

One-page handout aims to educate Oregonians about the new law ...

Ethos Music Center Honors Portland Attorney Dave Baca with Annual Resonance Award

Founder Charles Lewis to receive first-ever Ethos Visionary Award at the May 2 event ...



Will HUD Secretary Ben Carson Enforce the Fair Housing Act?

Julianne Malveaux questions HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s ability to enforce the Fair Housing Act ...

Waiting While Black in Philadelphia Can Get You Arrested

Reggie Shuford on the daily indignities African-Americans face in Philadelphia and around the country ...

Black People Must Vote or Reap the Consequences

Jeffrey Boney on the importance of voting in the Black community ...

Civil Rights Community Doesn’t Need to Look Farr for Racism in Trump Court Nominees

Derrick Johnson, NAACP President and CEO, explains organization's opposition to Trump's nomination of Thomas Farr ...



The Skanner News

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis speaks out on fighting school closures and the school district's plan to remove the 30-student classroom size limit, saying:

"Class sizes of 30 are unacceptable in the lower grades, and they would be outside of our contract. Research has shown that children who have least do better with smaller class size and individual attention.  However that doesn't suit the narrative of corporate school reform. Corporate school reform says, 'oh an effective teacher can teach 40, 50, 60, 70 kids. We've heard that from Bill Gates; we've heard that from Bloomberg – and of course, that's the mentality here. But the problem is that children that have such trauma in their lives – and this is going to be a huge trauma too to jerk them away from what they know.


"There are supposed to be hearings about each individual school and what the merits are – and the Board of Education is supposed to take those into consideration.

And for him (Rahm Emanuel)  to say this is what he's going to do it just shows a depth of contempt for people, and especially for people who live in areas that do not have very wealthy and connected people with access. Am I surprised? No Because that's how this guy operates…"

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