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Remembering the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike

Julianne Malveaux on the Memphis strike and how the dignity of today's workers continues to be assailed ...

Letter to the Editor: KNA Objects to Dr. Martens Billboards

A letter from the King Neighborhood Association ...

Black Students Hit Hard by For-Profit College Debt

Women and Blacks suffer disparate impacts, particularly at for-profit institutions, where they are disproportionately enrolled in most...

A New Year, a New Vision

North Portland Library will dedicate a display panel in the upstairs meeting room to visual artifacts contributed by the community ...



The Skanner News

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis speaks out on fighting school closures and the school district's plan to remove the 30-student classroom size limit, saying:

"Class sizes of 30 are unacceptable in the lower grades, and they would be outside of our contract. Research has shown that children who have least do better with smaller class size and individual attention.  However that doesn't suit the narrative of corporate school reform. Corporate school reform says, 'oh an effective teacher can teach 40, 50, 60, 70 kids. We've heard that from Bill Gates; we've heard that from Bloomberg – and of course, that's the mentality here. But the problem is that children that have such trauma in their lives – and this is going to be a huge trauma too to jerk them away from what they know.


"There are supposed to be hearings about each individual school and what the merits are – and the Board of Education is supposed to take those into consideration.

And for him (Rahm Emanuel)  to say this is what he's going to do it just shows a depth of contempt for people, and especially for people who live in areas that do not have very wealthy and connected people with access. Am I surprised? No Because that's how this guy operates…"

Carpentry Professionals

Photo Gallery

Photos and slide shows of local events