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SneakerWeek 2024 Launches in Pioneer Courthouse Square July 26

The event brings together industry experts, BIPOC designers and sneaker enthusiasts.

Money From Washington's Landmark Climate Law Will Help Tribes Face Rising Seas, Climate Change

Tens of millions of dollars raised by a landmark climate law in Washington state will go to Native American tribes that are at risk from climate change and rising sea levels to help them move to higher ground, install solar panels, buy electric vehicles and restore wetlands. The Quinault Indian Tribe on the Olympic Peninsula is getting million to help relocate its two main villages to higher ground, away from the tsunami zone and persistent flooding.

The Top Draft Pick of the Mariners Pitches Lefty and Righty. Jurrangelo Cijntje Wants to Keep It Up

Cijntje threw right-handed to lefties more often in 2024 but said it was because of discomfort in his left side. The Mariners say they want Cijntje to decide how to proceed as a righty and/or lefty as a pro. He says he wants to continue pitching from both sides.

Wildfire Risk Rises as Western States Dry out Amid Ongoing Heat Wave Baking Most of the US

Blazes are burning in Oregon, where the governor issued an emergency authorization allowing additional firefighting resources to be deployed. More than 142 million people around the U.S. were under heat alerts Wednesday, especially across the West, where dozens of locations tied or broke heat records.


Southwest Washington's Lemonade Day Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Named by the Greater Vancouver Chamber

Tatum Talbert was recognized for her exceptional achievement and creativity in the GVC’s 2024 Lemonade Day program. ...

Oscar Arana Selected as NAYA's Permanent CEO

The NAYA Family Center Board of Directors selected Oscar Arana (Chichimeca) as the organization's...

Voting begins Friday for Washington's August 6 Primary Election

Washington’s county elections offices will mail ballots by Friday and open official ballot drop boxes for the more than 4.8 million...

UNCF Celebrating 80 Years of Transforming Lives

The UNCF Each One Teach One Luncheon is Sunday, July 21, 2-5 p.m., Hyatt Regency at the Oregon Convention Center. ...

Interstate Bridge Replacement Program Awarded $1.499 Billion

Federal support again demonstrates multimodal replacement of the Interstate Bridge is a national priority ...

Seattle police officer fired over ‘vile’ comments after death of Indian woman

SEATTLE (AP) — A Seattle police officer has been fired for making callous remarks about the death of a graduate student from India after she was struck last year by another officer’s vehicle in a crosswalk. Seattle interim police Chief Sue Rahr fired Officer Daniel Auderer on...

Oregon authorities recover body of award-winning chef who drowned in river accident

CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) — Oregon authorities said Wednesday that they have recovered the body of award-winning chef Naomi Pomeroy following her drowning in a river accident. The Benton County Sheriff's Office said it located her body Wednesday morning in the Willamette River between...

Missouri governor says new public aid plan in the works for Chiefs, Royals stadiums

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said Thursday that he expects the state to put together an aid plan by the end of the year to try to keep the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals from being lured across state lines to new stadiums in Kansas. Missouri's renewed efforts...

Kansas governor signs bills enabling effort to entice Chiefs and Royals with new stadiums

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas' governor signed legislation Friday enabling the state to lure the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and Major League Baseball's Royals away from neighboring Missouri by helping the teams pay for new stadiums. Gov. Laura Kelly's action came three days...


The 900-Page Guide to Snuffing Out American Democracy

What if there was a blueprint for a future presidential administration to unilaterally lay waste to our constitutional order and turn America from a democracy into an autocracy in one fell swoop? That is what one far-right think tank and its contributors...

SCOTUS Decision Seizes Power to Decide Federal Regulations: Hard-Fought Consumer Victories Now at Risk

For Black and Latino Americans, this power-grab by the court throws into doubt and potentially weakens current agency rules that sought to bring us closer to the nation’s promises of freedom and justice for all. In two particular areas – fair housing and...

Minding the Debate: What’s Happening to Our Brains During Election Season

The June 27 presidential debate is the real start of the election season, when more Americans start to pay attention. It’s when partisan rhetoric runs hot and emotions run high. It’s also a chance for us, as members of a democratic republic. How? By...

State of the Nation’s Housing 2024: The Cost of the American Dream Jumped 47 Percent Since 2020

Only 1 in 7 renters can afford homeownership, homelessness at an all-time high ...


University of California regents ban political statements on university online homepages

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The University of California Board of Regents voted Thursday to ban employees from posting political statements on the homepages of university websites, saying such comments could be interpreted as the university system's official view. Political statements and...

Mississippi can wait to reset legislative districts that dilute Black voting strength, judges say

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi can wait until next year to redraw some of its legislative districts to replace ones where Black voting power is currently diluted, three federal judges said Thursday. The decision updates a timeline from the judges, who issued a ruling July 2 that...

Group says photos of reclusive tribe on Peru beach show logging concessions are 'dangerously close'

An advocacy group for Indigenous peoples has released photographs of a reclusive tribe's members searching for food on a beach in the Peruvian Amazon, calling it evidence that logging concessions are “dangerously close” to the tribe's territory. Survival International said the...


On anniversary of Frida Kahlo's death, her art's spirituality keeps fans engaged around the globe

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Frida Kahlo had no religious affiliation. Why, then, did the Mexican artist depict several religious symbols in the paintings she produced until her death on July 13, 1954? “Frida conveyed the power of each individual,” said art researcher and curator Ximena...

Celebrity birthdays for the week of July 21-27

Celebrity birthdays for the week of July 21-27: July 21: Actor Leigh Lawson (“Tess”) is 81. Singer Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) is 76. Cartoonist Garry Trudeau (“Doonesbury”) is 76. Actor Jamey Sheridan (“Homeland”) is 73. Singer-guitarist Eric Bazilian of The Hooters is 71....

Canadian officer says Alice Munro claimed her daughter was lying about being abused by stepfather

TORONTO (AP) — A retired police detective involved in the arrest 20 years ago of the husband of Canadian Nobel laureate Alice Munro, said Friday he was disturbed by the writer's reaction 20 years ago when she learned her husband would be charged for sexually assaulting her daughter. ...


Paris police are sealing off the Seine River ahead of the Olympics opening ceremony

PARIS (AP) — A special kind of iron curtain came down across central Paris on Thursday, with the beginning of an...

McIlroy, DeChambeau stumble badly out of the gates at British Open

TROON, Scotland (AP) — So much for the British Open being one last stand for Rory McIlroy in the majors this...

Trump's convention notably downplays Jan. 6 and his lies about election fraud

MILWAUKEE (AP) — As the Republican National Committee moves into its final day Thursday, the loudest applause...

30 years after attack on Argentina's Jewish center, Milei makes promises. But the anguish remains

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — On each passing anniversary of the deadly 1994 attack against Argentina's largest...

Ex-North Korean diplomat appointed a vice minister in South Korea, the highest post for any defector

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea’s president on Thursday appointed a former North Korean diplomat as a...

A woman becomes commander of the Canadian Armed Forces for the first time

TORONTO (AP) — A woman has become the top commander of Canada's military for the first time. Gen....

Lisa Loving of The Skanner News

Spencer Burton and Rahsaan Muhammad have a vision for building a new local economy – and it's taking root on a vacant lot on North Fremont between Vancouver and Williams Avenues.
Fresh produce, clothing, music and art are blossoming like a vine at the Boise Eliot Outdoor Market, open for business every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Tuesdays from 3 to 7 p.m.
Local institutions including Betty Jean Couture – which provides the electricity for the stage -- and Mother Dear's Tasty Pastries, are joining up with area farmers and residents looking to re-sell clothing and useful items, all in the heart of Albina.
"It's potentially a model for a new economy, a restructuring of the country," Mohammed says. "Bringing people out of their homes, bringing people out of their houses, to meet, to talk to one another, which is something that's been gone in our everyday activity -- making money together, sharing together, eating together, sharing what we grow out of our homes -- that's kind of the idea behind our market."
"We opened it up to the community to make some money, because one of the things I campaigned on was to have local markets for local people," said Burton, who ran unsuccessfully for City Council last year.
"Right now you don't have a lot of jobs, and people can't afford a storefront, but collectively we can create a market.
"So with our vision and with all our sweat equity getting out there, bringing all the other people with that similar mindset to go out there and sell directly to the public, people have a way of earning a supplemental income," Burton said.

Local farmers are setting up at the Boise Eliot Outdoor Market

Burton had already been meeting with the lot's owner, Ben Kaiser, on the idea of setting up an outdoor market. But when he met Mohammad – who had already started a small crafts market on North Skidmore – the whole idea took off within weeks.

The two have had significant help from the Boise Elliot Neighborhood Association, Page Coleman at the NE Coalition of Neighborhoods, and Kenneth Doswell at Betty Jean Couture – who with his family is set up to sell their original clothes, art, coffee beans and eggs.
Mohammed, who is also well-known in the community for his 16 years of organizing projects, including most recently events and rallies on police accountability, said he has always had a focus on art, specifically stained glass and graphic design.
"I've always been on the streets and activist, but I picked up this craft when I was 16 of stained glass and it's led me into other things like designing and whatnot," he says.
"Meeting Spencer, and him sharing the idea of a market right on this vacant space -- with what I already had on my mind I saw how we could very quickly put something together that the whole community could latch on to."
Mohammad and Spencer have paid out of their own pockets for the flyers and signs up on the lot, and now they've taken their community organizing vision onto an even more artistic direction.
With contributions of giant plywood sheets from the Rebuilding Center, Burton and Mohammad are recruiting local artists to paint colorful panels that will be placed around the lot.
Eventually the panels will be auctioned, Burton said, with half the money going to the artists and half going back to the market to produce a neighborhood mural.
"This is a business model that I believe in," Burton said. The fact that we're starting with nothing and it's starting to happen organically says – it can happen."
For more information on how you can participate with the market, call Burton at 503-803-2699, or email [email protected].