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Remembering the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike

Julianne Malveaux on the Memphis strike and how the dignity of today's workers continues to be assailed ...

Letter to the Editor: KNA Objects to Dr. Martens Billboards

A letter from the King Neighborhood Association ...

Black Students Hit Hard by For-Profit College Debt

Women and Blacks suffer disparate impacts, particularly at for-profit institutions, where they are disproportionately enrolled in most...

A New Year, a New Vision

North Portland Library will dedicate a display panel in the upstairs meeting room to visual artifacts contributed by the community ...



By The Skanner News

SEATTLE (AP) -- Occupants and retailers of a 9-year-old high-rise in Seattle are being told they need to vacate after the building was deemed structurally unsafe.
KOMO News reports that the 25-floor McGuire Apartment building in downtown Seattle will be demolished because the repairs costs of the defects are too expensive for the owner to repair.
The building's occupants were told on Saturday they need to vacate by the end of the year, but that they should leave as soon as possible.
According to a statement by the building's owner -- Carpenter's Tower, LLC -- the problems with the building include cables that have corroded.
The company is offering incentives, including three-month's rent money back, for tenants to move out as soon as possible.
Resident Matthew Eckstein says he feels betrayed. He had moved into the building just three weeks ago.

Oregon Lottery

‘Use Your Power’ MLK Breakfast Speech

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